Friday, August 11, 2006
I'll be away, probably until Sunday. We're off to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania tomorrow. Right now I'm at Noni's so we're that much closer. It should be about a three hour and 15 minute drive. Noni will be riding with Emma so that should help make for more peaceful travel. Wish us luck!
Here's me
In Meez-land. This was stolen from Leslie. Hers is actually pretty funny. Mine is as close to me as their selection would allow. Dontcha like how I got the sunflowers in there?

Thursday, August 10, 2006
One measly video
That's all I have. All my pictures were crap. Better luck next time, eh? The video is actually kinda cute.

The porch is finished
They'll be back later to paint it. The preservative on the wood will need time to dry out good. So it will look like this for a while.

Emma thought it was hilarious to push her swing around...

Resting afterward...

I got stung today
Ouch, that sumbitch hurt me. I was getting into my car and was putting my purse on the passenger seat. When I put my hand on the steering wheel I was stung. Without looking I had put my hand right on a yellow jacket. The sting hurt, for hours and hours. It still hurts. I have a sore spot on my palm that's tender right now. I never see it coming when I get stung. Stupid yellow jacket, what are they good for anyway?
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now (Music Video)

Here's a little treat for Smiths fans. Or for those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about. Here's a nice Hi-Res version of "How Soon is Now."
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
My new puzzle book!
She's really enjoying it. We forgot Emma's booster seat at Noni's so M. had to dig her high chair out of storage.

Garden progress report
The small sunflower garden has exploded with flowers.

This little oddball was in the middle of the short guys...

I caught a bee, busy at work packing on the pollen.

Here's the close-up of his collection.

Here is the best prospect we have going in the pumpkin patch.

More Sunday pool pictures
More high-flying for J.

More acrobatic dives for Uncle B.

Even Popi got in on it!

Emma playing with the fwish.

Some one-on-one
Wakey, wakey, Uncle B.!

Getting reacquainted with Aunt K.

Monday, August 07, 2006
Jumping progress report
She did much better at the pool on Sunday. I have witnesses who can verify that she made several actual jumps. She's only good at jumping off of edges so far. This is an impressive skill until she gets home and wants to do it off the top of the steps.
Emma's stone
Noni has an engraved stepping stone in her garden for each grandchild. She attempted to pose all four by their stones for a picture. She had marginal success. Later on she sent me down to get one just of Emma. Here's Emma by her stone.

The highlight of the weekend
OK, maybe not THE highlight, but, come on! It's cake!

Emma sure liked it.

Sunday pool pictures
Sunday afternoon we went back to the neighbor's pool. This time the whole family was there. We had a terrific time. Except Emma spent more than half of her time crying. She was in a perpetual tizzy. She wanted what she wanted and if you didn't understand it for one second she would cry at you. I honestly think she was having a good time, but I also think she was overstimulated, overwhelmed and overtired.

Uncle B. sends little J. flying...

Diving off the diving board. Uncle B. had lots of tricks...

Emma and Daddy trying out the paddle board. She wasn't very open to new ideas but this one was OK.

M. gets her turn at the Uncle B. little person launcher...

Sunday, August 06, 2006
I have everything I need right here...
I'm reading Noni's mind. With all her family gathered around her, I'm sure she's as happy as she can be.

No singing at the table!
OK...just this once. Emma is thrilled as everyone at the breakfast table joins her in a round of ABCs. She ever "more" and "again"-ed us into three more rounds!

Little Mermaid Towers
They're playing very nicely. I can't say as much about Emma and J., but they'll figure it out eventually.

Noni and M., bakers extraordinaire!
They were scooping the ready made dough out of the Tollhouse bucket. And having their own sweet fun!