Thursday, April 26, 2007
New question of the day
"Mommy, what time is it?"

And all I can think is how can it possibly matter? You don't understand numbers and you can't tell time. But it's cute anyway. I guess she's just making conversation.
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Emma loves her dogs
Can you tell? This evening she was jumping off our back door step over and over again. Unfortunately for Beaker she wanted him to go out and back in the door every time too. It was hard to convey to her that she was aggravating the hell out of him with her expectations. The pity was, he wanted to do it.

What's wrong?

You kissed my eye.

I didn't kiss your eye, I kissed your cheek, see? Kissing her cheek again...


OK, I'll kiss your head then, as I kiss the top of her head...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
You don't say?
Today we're playing "Tell" and the topic is Diego. We're doing our usual twenty questions and I ask her to name me some of the animals Diego rescues. She names a few and then says, very clearly, "Pygmy marmosets don't eat tree bark." What do they eat?, I ask. "Pygmy marmosets eat tree sap." Two and a half years old...sometimes she just floors me.
Monday, April 23, 2007
Emma meets her second cousin
My niece had a baby back in February. We got to meet her baby boy on Saturday. Emma kept insisting on referring to poor Jayden as she. I know his mama was pleased when Emma kept saying, "She's cute." She was also tickled at how Emma said "Beebee boy."

Fishing Practice
She was practicing in one of our little pools left over from the rain. No chance of catching a fish, which is the way I like it.

Daddy tries to help her cast.

Cool action shot.

Ready to head home.

Absolutely gorgeous day.

Sunday, April 22, 2007
I took some pictures yesterday of fishing practice (which I will show you later). I couldn't figure out why when I uploaded them some of the pictures of the same event were at the beginning of the folder and at the end. There were other events in between, but this one event was spread out. Then I noticed the numbers. I had rounded the bend and was back to IMG_0001. That means since I bought this camera in July 2005 I have taken ten thousand pictures.
Fishing Day
We made it there. We waited until after naptime to go so we missed the mad rush at the beginning. A friend who was there said they were pulling out a fish a second. It's not that challenging. They stock a tiny pond with tons of fish to it's easy pickings for the kids. The older kids are sent to fish in the stream. We didn't catch anything, but I was glad of that. I didn't actually want to deal with a fish. Here's one portion of the pond...

Emma winding it up with her Daddy.

After we fished a while we went to the stream and threw in rocks.

Here are some of the survivors. Shortly after this picture was taken they were moved by net from this small dammed stream to the larger pond.

We had a good time, but it lasted a little longer than we'd have liked. We parked where they were giving out the awards and the crowd blocked us in for a good hour. Emma had a good time, that's all that matters.
Oddity #1
Emma told me she was "helping" me vacuum yesterday. To her, help consisted of crawling on the floor in front of me as I tried to vacuum. I explained to her that she needed to be behind me when I vacuumed. Then help consisted of holding the hose for me. Sigh. Her pajamas after helping me. It's been muddy lately. Those were white socks.

Oddity #2
Emma's dessert last night. M&M's dipped in mashed potatoes. It's an original recipe. I'm sure of it.