Saturday, January 21, 2006
101 Uses for a Back Scratcher, Use #24
Playing with the plungers again
This one is certainly prettier than the other one. She might as well play with it because it doesn't work worth a shit.

Best buds 2
Emma plopped herself down and made herself comfortable in one of the warmest spots in the house. Beaker was very patient with her.

Out on the town for dinner
We went to one of the four available restaurants in the county. Emma grabbed a menu as they were being passed out and gave it a good look.

The job that's never done...
Stacking the blocks for Miss Emma to knock down. This is why we bring in fresh recruits to do the job for us. Noni and Popi ya'll...

Thursday, January 19, 2006
A slice of MY life
This look can be achieved in about 10-15 minutes of aimless independent play.

I find this disturbing
This is Nicole Ritchie, daughter to Lionel Ritchie. Famous for being Paris Hilton's friend (once) and being in the Simple Life show with her. Now I think the show is kaput and she's just famous for being famous. What is upsetting to me is that young girls will look up to her because she is fabulous, rich and wears all the right clothes. They'll want to be like her, even though she is severely underweight. I see hospitilization in her near future.

I would rather my daughter aspire to the solid and healthy physique of an athlete. I wish I could find a picture of what I mean. I would be so much happier if she was a fit 145-150 lbs. and happy with her strength and energy, than to look like she's two toes into the grave already from starvation.

I borrowed this picture from Pink is the New Blog, which I am happy to give a link. I hope he doesn't mind. I took only the picture, not his bandwidth. The commentary in pink is his.
Drew's Boobs 2

This is a much more damning photo. It gives you a better idea of the hideousness of the dress. Still not too bothered about the boobs though. I'm wondering if all the carping is sour grapes. Jealousy from the A's and B's because she has plenty of boobage and jealousy from the C's, D's and up because she has big boobs that are still decent enough to parade around unfettered.
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
My new toothbrush
You like it? Mine's the one on the left, featuring SpongeBob Squarepants. If you'll notice, he's got the ripped pants from the notorious episode. I bought the one on the right for Emma this weekend. I thought she might enjoy it because she'll stick any other old thing in her mouth. I think she'd be OK with it except for the noise. So I'll put it away for later. I really wanted to keep it for myself but thought that wouldn't be very nice of me. So I sent M. to the store yesterday to find one for me. I told him to get me SpongeBob. And yes, I know they make ones for grown-ups.

The tongue makes it's appearance
I guess it was about due. I should probably blame myself. It started when I put lip balm on her. It was this wonderful stuff from Bath & Body that had a candy cane flavor. I love it because it really does keep my lips moist. She kept licking it, sticking her tongue out to taste it. Then she was doing things with her tongue long after the stuff was worn off. Here you can see her barely sticking it out in the picture. M. wondered if an awareness of her tongue would help her speak better soon. Dunno.

I warned you...
...that there would be more Christmas pictures when I got some from my family. So here you go...a few more of Emma in her dress. That she wore once.

Uncle Monkey
That's what the nieces and nephews call M. One day my niece was trying to say his name to get his attention and she could not spit it out for the life of her. She said about ten permutations, Uncle Monkey being one. That stuck. I wonder if Emma will take offense some day?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Drew's boobs

Have been the subject of much consternation today. Apparently Drew Barrymore appeared at the Golden Globes in this dress and it was the unanimous concensus that she was wearing no bra. I guess you had to see them in action. I'm also guessing that 99.9% of the bitching about her boobs is coming from women.

Now I'm of two minds about this. My first reaction would probably be with the 99.9 percenters. Jeez, woman, put on a bra, are you trying to put someone's eye out!?! A lady slings her boobs, didn't you know? What are you thinking? Fire your stylist! Yesterday!

But then another side of me says "Hey, wait a minute."
If she's comfortable like that then doesn't she have the right to go braless? Now personally I'm endowed similarly to Drew. I'm not quite "nipples on the dais" as Sunita put it, but they've gone south and they're not coming back. I wouldn't go braless because I'd be uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. But if she's happy doing it, then why not? It's her body, it's like that naturally. Who am I to be police of her body? I've heard it said that most women dress for women because we're the worst critics. Don't you think that's true? We try to keep each other in line. Maybe we should give it a rest. It's not actually blinding anyone. So I say "Go you Muffin Tops!" "Let'em hang Torpedo Tits!" "And to my hairy legged baboon's just gross."
Almost blew it
I bought this shirt last spring when it was on clearance for $1.99. I figured she'd be ready for it by Valentine's Day or thereabouts. I actually bought three red/pink shirts for $1.99 each. They were all 18 mo. so I put them away till it was time. Or so I thought. I pulled them out yesterday and realized two of the shirts were actually 12 mo. Oops. She could have been wearing them for months. Now they're already snug. Sigh.

Best buds
Well, not really. Emma thinks Jakey is da bomb. She loves to hug, beat and pull on him. She grabs his tail and tries to wag it for him. Dalmatians aren't down wit' dat. He is on high alert when she's around. And they are both under the constant watchful eye of mommy.

Monday, January 16, 2006
Longing for the great outdoors
She was watching the cows across the road. Then occasionally she'd get a bonus when a car or a truck went by. She was pretty excited by the whole thing.

Emma Squared
She's playing with the steps to my step aerobics set up. We use them to keep the dogs off the couch when we're not home, so they're always laying around. This was the first time I've ever seen her put one over herself.

Sunday, January 15, 2006
New snack cup
I got this for her this weekend. You can see it at She's been pushing to carry around her snacks for a while now. But it always ends quickly with everything on the floor. So this cup is supposed to keep most of it inside. She quickly learned she has to grip hard to whatever she hopes to pull out of there. But minutes later the container was about empty and there was only one piece of cereal on the floor. she was introduced to Captain Crunch. He should seem like an old friend. Captain Crunch was my #1 craving while pregnant. I figure it's probably woven in her DNA.

Saturday's outfit
This one was from Noni and Popi. Since white pants are involved I figured it would be best to wait and put it on sometime when we were at their house. Those pants would stay white all of ten seconds at my house. We had to tie a knot in the beads because they were just long enough to catch under the front of her shirt. You can see the detail of the embroidery on the pants better in the next picture.

This is what a fit looks like
Mommy's transgression? I tried to "guide" her. Big mistake. You can show her how to do something new. But don't even think of trying to take her hand and show her, or guide her through it. She was trying to climb up on that chair. She couldn't quite do it without a boost to her butt with my foot. So I thought I'd show her how to grab the rail on the arm of the chair to pull herself up. When I took her hand she went apeshit. So...write it in stone...thou shalt not guide Emma. Right. You win this round my little pretty...

Practicing for the paparazzi
Hey you! Put that camera down! I'm gonna kick your butt!

I am not a TV snob
People you watch Desperate Housewives? No. Lost? No. CSI? No. American Idol? No. Survivor? No. No. No. No. I don't watch any network TV, other than football.

Well...what the hell? Do I think I'm too good for TV? No. I know my obstinance tries the patience of selected friends. Here's what I do watch...the aforementioned football, Mythbusters, South Park and whatever M. happens to have on. Does that sounds like a snob?

Here's the deal...I used to watch LOTS of TV. I had shows for just about every night of the week. I was hooked too. Friends, CSI, ER, NYPD Blue, etc. I was planted in front of my TV at the appointed time every night. I got emotionally involved with the characters and would even follow up certain episodes by reading the summary on Television Without Pity.

I finally realized that I needed to stop. No show is worth arranging my schedule and blocking out the rest of my real life. Often, I abandon appointment television when I'm on a "get healthy" kick. That was the case this time, but I've never gone back. Now I'm commitment-phobic. I don't want to feel the pull to be on the couch at any particular hour. Yes, I could DVR or Tivo it, but really, it's so much bother. I can quickly get sucked into a program, so I avoid them all.

The toughest test I've had to endure was the final season of Six Feet Under. We had watched the entire series, up until the third to last episode in the fourth season. Then I quit. I think it had built up since the David carjacking episode, but I stopped cold. Unfortunately I didn't realize the next season would be the last. And that it would be a hot topic of discussion on my mommy board. And that I'd be teased with the fate of these characters I already knew. It was so so hard not to go back. I even broke down and read the summaries of the last three episodes of Season Four. But the thing that kept me for watching the very end of the series was that I'd missed most of season five. Why jump in at the end? Who am I kidding? I read the summary of the last one. I wanted to know how they all died. But I never watched. Someday I might get the whole season on DVD and finish it.

Having said all that...Sopranos starts in March. We've watched since the very first episode many years ago. I will be making an exception to the rule for that one. Sopranos is just too big to say "no." You try to get out...and they PULL you back in...