A visit with Santa
Due to the plotting and planning of my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Emma was able to see Santa Claus this year, after all. The girlfriend managed to borrow a Santa suit and scheduled herself to be available as Santa at the store this afternoon. She claimed it was all for Emma, but she did it for three hours to make it worth the effort. She actually did get a few other visitors. When Emma came to see her C spoke with a deepened voice. I'm sure Emma never knew it was C, but I'm also pretty sure Emma was uncertain about the whole thing. Just as uncertain as she would have been meeting Santa in the flesh anywhere. She did manage to tell Santa that she wanted people for her train, thus avoiding a Ralphie moment. Santa gave her a candy cane (which she loves), an ornament for her tree with her name on it, a dancing, singing Christmas tree, and three big stuffed animals in Santa's sack.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Family fun on a Wednesday
That's allowed, isn't it?

I had to run to town today to get some things for work and personal. I made it back over the mountains before M closed the store. He had already picked up Emma from Mary's and was waiting for me to stop by and take her home. I had the bright idea that, instead, we should go to the Wednesday night buffet at the Inn. The local garden club was scheduled to judge Christmas lights/decorations tonight so I suggested that after supper we should ride around and look at the Christmas lights.

And so we did.
Well worn
Remember when I told you about entertaining Emma with the JCPenney Wish Book? It's still with us.

Whenever you ask her what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas she always says, "People for my train." She's referring to her Thomas the Train track. Since she's never seen the show I don't think she realizes the trains are actually the main characters. Or maybe she does. We did actually find some people for the wooden train set so we're letting Santa know where he can get them.

Coat trick
Emma is demonstrating a trick Mary taught her to help her put on her coat. You're welcome to try this at home.

Here's a quick little repeat with giggles.

Unfortunately since she did this trick on our living room floor the coat is covered in dog hair and dirt and is now on the laundry pile.
What do I want for Christmas?
I have about $70 I'm supposed to blow on myself for a Christmas present(s). I hate to buy something for the sake of blowing money. What should I get? Help!
Risking my digits...
So that Emma can get practice using big, sharp, shiny scissors.

A whiff
The worst of the storm missed us. We never lost power and never really had significant accumulations of anything. We've had a quiet Sunday at home. I finished off the laundry, did breakfast dishes, took a shower, and wrapped presents all morning. Emma woke up a crab and was unpleasant all morning. We secretly rejoiced when it was nap time and prayed she'd wake up with her attitude improved. We watched football and dozed on the couch while she napped. She did wake up in better spirits and we've played and goofed off all afternoon. Now we're just biding our time until the Redskins v. Giants game starts. Go 'skins!