Friday, May 18, 2007
My greeting this morning
"Good morning, Emma"

"Mommy, where are your glasses?"

"I left them by the bed this morning."

"Go get 'em."

"I don't need them right now, I'll put them on later."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Dr. Emma
She's on the case.

Emma pulls out her hypodermic and says, "Daddy, you need a gunshot."

A what!?!

Dr. Emma is a band-aid specialist. Daddy's all better now.

Had a visitor today
I took this through the glass of my back door. I couldn't believe how long he stood there modeling for me. I got off 11 shots before he bolted.

Not helpful at all...
When Emma is in the back seat of the car in distress over a problem and she's hollering at me in Spanish. Thanks, Dora, you tart, I had no idea what she was saying.

If you're interested, she was yelling Ayudarme! Ayudarme! Which, in Spanish, means Help me! Help me! This translation courtesy of guess-work and Google translator.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Waterpark fashion jewelry
She doesn't want us to remove it.

Celebrating Aunt K's Birthday
Another birthday celebration in the family! Two cakes again, this time for one person. As Aunt K's daughter put it so succinctly, "No one likes your birthday cake, Mom." So Aunt K gets German chocolate cake and the rest of us get Pop's cake.

Anticipating the cutting of the cake...

The usual family pile-on.

How old?

Let's dig in!

She gets what's coming to her.

What I did on my Mother's Day...
We went to a water park. It's the coolest water park no one's ever heard of. We were there for about five hours and wore everyone out pretty thoroughly. Emma played right through nap time. Since it was Mother's Day the crowd was no crowd. There were never more than two or three people in line for something and most often you walked right up and did whatever you wanted. It's pretty expensive, but we had half of tickets with our Kroger Plus cards. Woo hoo!

She probably got in and out of these swings about fifty times.

She had a great time once she got up the nerve to go down the slide. Here she's landing and regaining her footing.

This is the Flowrider. It simulates the face of a wave. Most guests body-boarded. The regulars were using short boards to surf on it.

The force was pretty significant so "no hands" was quite risky.

You wondered what kind of face you were making...

Fun in the "hot tub" with the temperature set for kids.