Thursday, June 11, 2009
We had lunch at the Inn on Sunday. Afterward my family walked up the street to the store. That always takes us by the SPCA's thrift store. They keep toys for sale out on the front porch. Emma bugs us to take her there on a regular basis. M inevitably buys her a bag of toys for a buck or two. The safest bet is to take her by there when it's closed, then we can't buy anything. In this case she was trying out a skateboard they left on the front porch.

Doing homework
Emma really likes to do "homework." We buy her those Pre-K and Kindergarten activity books and she works on them, practicing writing her letters and numbers, matching shapes, identifying colors and a trying a little reading. Those are the times when we get along best, when I'm helping her with those. Here she's doing homework in the upper deck of her play structure.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
You know what I hate?
I hate when my four year-old points out my own hypocrisy. Hate that.
U. S. Foreign Policy
John Bolton, former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, perfectly articulates my beliefs on how U. S. foreign policy should be:
Conservative foreign policy is unabashedly pro-American, unashamed of American exceptionalism, unwilling to bend its knee to international organizations, and unapologetic about the need for the fullest range of dominant military capabilities. Its diplomacy is neither unilateralist nor multilateralist, but chooses its strategies, tactics, means and methods based on a hard-headed assessment of U.S. national interests, not on theologies about process. Most especially, conservatives understand that allies are different from adversaries, and that each should be treated accordingly

I loved it when he was in the United Nations, but he was a serious man in a profoundly unserious organization. You can read his article in it's entirety here: BOLTON: Obama continues Bush's 2nd term -- badly
Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Why Jack is like a snapping turtle
When he gets a grip on my long hair he won't let go till it thunders.
Blowing bubbles
The kids and I spent Friday night at Noni & Popi's. Noni allowed me to get my first full night's sleep in more than half a year. It was amazing to wake up in the morning feeling human again. We did a little shopping and then came home to "play bubbles."