Thursday, May 01, 2008
Our garden
Despite the heartbreak of having our garden ravaged by cows last year we're going to try again. M already expanded the garden a bit and reinforced the rail fences with steel posts. We're hoping that set-up will do a better job of keeping the cows out. Where we live you can count on frost through the end of May, even into early June. This year we're doing some indoor planting to get a jump on the growing season. Here's the garden so far... M and Emma planted Mammoth Russian sunflowers, Ever-bunching sunflowers, Jack-o-lantern pumpkins, Jack B Little pumpkins and Tri-color morning glories. We've already planted gladiola bulbs in the ground.


Preschool screening
Yesterday afternoon I took Emma to the elementary school for their annual preschool screening. They give her a bunch of standardized tests to see how she's doing developmentally. To her the tests seem like games. She had a great time. When she finished one station she wanted to know when she could go to the next one. They did things like jumping, catching, cutting with scissors, stacking, copying, counting numbers, recognizing letters, identifying colors, naming household objects, problems solving, hearing tests and many other things. An example of her problem solving prowess...

"What do you do when you go into a dark room?"
"Go to sleep"

"What do you do when you break something that doesn't belong to you?"
"Fix it."

"What is your phone number?"
40,000 and eight.

OK, so some stuff they asked her we haven't even tried to teach yet. But she knows her full name and where she lives. I think that's enough for now.

Overall I was pleased with her results. We'll be back for another round next year.
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Oh, happy day!
Target and Walmart now have Ritter Sport. Wheeeee!

This is my vice right now...Dark chocolate with chocolate mousse. I buy the bag of small bars. Each one is two ww points so when I need my chocolate fix portion control is not a problem.

This bar comes in second. Dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

Of course all this assumes I can't get my hands on the Holy Grail of all Ritter Sport. Pfefferminz. Cue fanfare...

Late night last night
I turned in around 11:15 p.m. and put in my ear plugs. At about 11:45 the light went on in my room. M stuck his head in the door "Emma's thrown up everywhere." I jumped up to help. She was sitting up in bed with it all down her front. I took care of her while M gathered up the bed sheets and took them to the laundry. I put the spare sheets on the bed and dressed Emma in fresh pajamas. We put her trash can by the bed and told her to use that if she felt sick again. Back to bed for me and Emma. M was still canning tenderloin downstairs.

It wasn't too long until I heard Emma hollering again. I jumped up to find the same thing. We undressed her again and stripped the bed clothes to add to the laundry that was already in the washer. This time I sent Emma down with daddy for a quick bath to clean her up good. I improvised a bed sheet and pad underneath and remade her bed. We dressed her in more clean pajamas and sent her to bed again. I crawled back into my bed and tried to relax.

About fifteen minutes later Emma starts hollering again. Same exact position, sitting up with puke down her front. Thankfully the law of dimishing returns was at work. There wasn't nearly as much on her. I cleaned her up, and dressed her yet again with the fourth pair of pajamas for the night. I was all out of options for her bed so we unrolled her sleeping bag and laid it on top.

I'm happy to say that the third time was a charm. Around 1:00 a.m. we turned in and we never heard from her again the rest of the night. Thank goodness my child is relatively healthy and these situations are quite rare. Yuck.

P. S. She was fine today, other than being tired and taking a long (3.5 hr) nap.
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Anyone recognize this look?
I figured it was probably universal. That would be the pleading look. She was pleading for what you see in the next post.

Visiting the fishies
At Walmart. She likes to check in and say "Hi" to them. Every single tank.