Thursday, April 16, 2009
We're going on an egg hunt
After church and before brunch the kids went hunting for the 71 eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. They were very excited to get started, especially when they spied some eggs as they returned from church.

Here we let 'em loose:

Emma had a basket carrier to help her in her egg quest:

Uncle B stood there and said "I can see one egg from where I'm standing." The kids are trying out his perspective to see if it helps.

After the kids found all the eggs they sent the adults inside so they could hide them for us. M stayed to help Emma hide her eggs. When I came outside to hunt eggs Emma diligently led me to every egg she had hidden. We'll be working on the whole "hiding eggs" concept for next year.

The Easter Bunny came!
He found us at Noni's just like Santa did.

Movin' on up!
M installed an ice-maker in our new refrigerator last night. Big deal, right? Except we haven't had an ice-maker in the fifteen years we've lived here. Welcome to the 20th century ;)
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Coloring Easter eggs
The highlight of Saturday night was dying Easter eggs with the family. They dyed 72 eggs. I took pictures ;)

The dye is for the eggs, right?

Emma was taking great care with her eggs. Nonetheless we had a lot of cracked eggs after the event was over.

Uncle B got in on the game, too.

I now have CANKLES!

You know the swelling is bad when your crocs make little circle indentation all over the tops of your feet!
Monday, April 13, 2009
Field trip to the Library
[I thought I posted this last night but found it on my dashboard in draft form. Oops!]

On Thursday Emma's preschool took a field trip to the library. They attended a story time with "Rob the Builder." M went down to take pictures since he works on the same block. First Rob read three stories. Then he showed them his building tools. M says he really freaked Emma out because before he started he showed them a canvas bag and told them he had his snake in it. After that Emma had a hard time concentrating and kept stealing glances at the bag in the corner.

Finally he opened the bag. He handed Emma a heat gun to hold the snake at bay before he did. It was a plumbing snake. Half the kids were disappointed and half the kids were relieved. At the end of his program Rob the Builder let the kids run his power screwdriver and drive a long screw into a board. They were pretty excited about that.

As Rob packed up his gear the kids colored pictures of Bob the Builder and Muck. They had snack and got to go explore the kid's section of the library.

The kids play with their paint brushes as Rob reads "Ain't gonna paint no more!"

The infamous snake.

Playing with power tools.