Saturday, March 03, 2007
Practically twins
Emma and Popi in their matching Boudreaux's Butt Paste hats. Popi was given one by Uncle B. and Aunt K. back when they lived in Louisiana. Several months ago Popi lost it and seriously mourned that hat. While Noni and Popi were away on their cruise we ordered Popi a new Boudreaux's hat and gave it to him when they returned. He seemed pleased to have it. Today while Noni was searching through the closed for a hat Emma asked for (yes, asked for) she found the old Boudreaux's hat. That's why Emma and Popi match.

Like Leo
This was a Christmas present for Daddy. It's a telescoping tool that has a light and a magnet on the end to help retrieve dropped screws and parts. Popi got one for himself and then gave one to M and Uncle B. as Christmas presents. Emma found Popi's this afternoon and was running around the basement with the light turned on, waving it around and saying "Shend-o, Shend-o." Noni's says, "What's she saying?" It took me a long minute to figure it out. She was pretending to be Leo from Little Einsteins, waving the baton (which does light up on the end) and saying, to the best of her ability, "Crescendo, crescendo!"

Incidentally, the end of Daddy's telescoping magnet/light has been dipped in the dog's water bowl at least twice. M took it apart carefully and dried it out and then reassembled it. Thankfully, it still worked. When she dipped it in the pee pee in her potty he gave up.

It still works.
Thursday, March 01, 2007
Heard from the other room...
"You my best friend, Daddy."
Driveway is toast
The landlord is harvesting timber from the 50 acres surrounding us. The loggers have been using our driveway to get back up into the woods. When it warmed up and the ground thawed they created great, deep crevasses in the driveway. Every night those freeze solid so it's like off-roading when we leave in the morning. This afternoon it started raining. Right now we have optimal flash flooding conditions. The third and fourth picture show the water running down the driveway and under the driveway. I pray I can get out in morning or a deputy may come and haul my ass to jury duty.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Short post
It was a board meeting night. These are some pictures from Daddy.

Monday, February 26, 2007
Stingy engineer
We were at Books-a-Million and Emma had the train table all to herself. Popi said she was really stingy. She was the only one allowed to have a train on the tracks. If there was one on the tracks and she wasn't playing with it she knocked it off. Nice.

Fun at Wendy's
Emma won't eat ketchup. Here she is dipping her fries in frostie...

...and actually eating them.

After lunch, cuddling up with Popi.

Until Noni comes for her nose...

Do you think she enjoys the attention?

Sunday, February 25, 2007
Birthday celebration
This weekend we went over to Noni and Popi's where we finally celebrated Uncle B and M's birthdays. Each one got their own cake. We had a nice, albeit short, time together. But it was filled with the usual pasttimes...eating, playing Mexican train and 10,000, and sitting around talking. Good times, good times.

Get yer motor running...
This was at a farm and tractor store. Emma did a circuit of these vehicles at least four or five times. On the final lap I finally took some video.

She had to test drive everything
All of it. This place was as good as a playground. It was exactly the same in that Emma finally had to be carried out, kicking and screaming.