Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Per Uncle B's suggestion...
This one is for the hardworking mommies.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Sunday at the creek
We were invited to join a group of friends at "the creek." It's property that belongs to the aunt of one of them. It's just a regular old creek which you can see as you pass by on the road. It has one nice pool where the kids can swim and have a good time. The adults like to take their beach chairs and set them in the water and sit with a beer and chat.

Here's the view of the swimming hole part. You can see the road.

This time the adults gathered on the rocky "beach."

Little man didn't get to swim, but he had a good time playing in the rocks.

Which we were eating supper (kebobs on the grill, yum!) a water snake casually swam down the middle of the creek. Nice. None of the adults seem phased. They all agreed that if the kids had been playing in the water the snake would have stayed far away from them. Still, ick.