Thursday, March 05, 2009
Jack is a brute
I'm sorry to say it; I know it doesn't sound nice. But, he is beating me up from inside. He'll punch and kick parts of me that aren't even sensitive and it hurts. Sometimes his kicks are so hard that I have to put my hand on my belly to provide resistance. Ow.
80's ads
Rolling Stone was the final arbiter of cool, right? So what was cool in the 80's. I've decided to do some scans from the magazine to remind you.

How about The Thompsons Twins and Swatch watches? (Incidentally, I never owned a Swatch. Besides, one wasn't enough anyway, was it?)

Did you know Andy Warhol sold hairspray?

Not exactly sure what cassettes have to do with hot bodies...?

Dude! That was my first boom box! I bought it with my own money; I think I paid around $90 for it. I totally loved it. I recorded many a tune from the Top 40 Countdown on that thing.


My gift to you...
During the purge I found a box full of Rolling Stone magazines from 1983-1985. I have the original magazine with Billy Idol on the cover. I scanned it so I'd have my own copy of the cover. Unfortunately these magazines have always been over sized so even my full platen won't show the whole image. I got the good parts though.

And here is the lesser known picture accompanying the article. No need to thank me, it's my pleasure! :)

I couldn't decide whether I liked the fade corrected version better so I gave you both!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009
God Bless, Noni!
Noni took the day to come over and help me de-clutter my house. There was so much stuff in the junk room that I couldn't store away the things that normally go there. Those things ended up accumulating in my computer room until it looked like a wreck too. We spent the day pulling things out of the junk room. Some of these things are going to Goodwill, some will be saved for a yard sale, and some is headed for the dump. It was back breaking work and Noni did most of the hard part. The good news is we work really well together so it is actually a pleasure to spend the day like this.

On the fun side, the very first thing we did was convert the crib back from a toddler bed. We put the bedding on it and then filled it back up with Jack's collection of goodies so far. Emma and Noni also took a time-out to bake a batch of brownies. Our kitchen sink drain still isn't unfrozen so everything is a little bit of an extra challenge for now. The dirty dishes are piling up.

Here is the truck load Noni took back over the mountains with her:

Here's what we left on the front porch for M to take to the dumpster:

And for Sunita, here is Noni's official adoption of the snowman. Now everybody's happy:

Here it is, in all it's glory...
The belly pic. I can't believe I have nine more weeks of getting even larger. It's scaring me. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I couldn't get it to work with flash at all. And, yes, I can see we need to clean the mirror.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Frozen solid
That would be the drain to our kitchen sink. Fun, huh? Our house is poorly insulated and sometimes the pipes freeze under the house. It happens to the kitchen sink and the bathtub occasionally. This freeze is being particularly stubborn. M has a branding iron that he heats in the wood stove and can drop down the pipe under the house to help thaw it. Usually it takes about 4 to 8 rounds of that to get the water flow going again. Not today. He's been working on it since 2:30 and it's still frozen. He's thawed away a couple of feet worth of ice, but we still haven't broken through the end. Not fun. Tomorrow it's supposed to at least get above freezing, so hopefully we won't be fighting this too much longer.
Dinner is Served
Like a good Southern gal, she's happiest when she's feedin' ya.