Saturday, January 07, 2006
Gettin' some Noni lovin'
Which was the main reason we were there. I had to stop at Costco for a few things for the dogs. Emma seemed pretty tired when we left there so we took her and Popi home and she went down for a nap. Then Noni and I went back to Target so I could look at iPod accessories, find a tablecover, and maybe find more colors of beads for Emma. Struck out on all three. We went to Kohl's next door and I found the tablecover and some beads. So we got to go home; a mercifully short shopping day. We picked up Long John Silvers on the way home and polluted our arteries a bit for lunch. Then I tried to take a nap, which is something I cannot do. I am just so freaking tired all the time now and I'm tired of it. ;) Emma got up around the time I went down so Noni and Popi got some good Emma time. After supper we headed home. I listened to the end of the Redskins game on the radio on the way. Go Skins! Joe Gibbs Rocks!

Eeyore outfit
This was a Christmas gift from Noni. She said that I should put it on her quickly since it's a 12 mo. and Emma's growing fast. Turns out this one should fit for a little while. Today's coordinating beads are metallic purple and silver.

Friday, January 06, 2006
This is why Emma must have her own piece of pizza...
Because if you don't give her one, she will badger you until you have given her every single piece of meat from the top of yours. There is no mistaking her intent. She will poke her finger into just what she wants. Daggone carnivore.
Off to Noni and Popi's tomorrow
Just to visit. No big plans. Probably hit a store or two. Spread the joy and love, rainbows and unicorns that is Baby Emma.
Thursday, January 05, 2006
Today's outfit
So you go a few days getting pictures of only marginal cuteness...and then there are days like today, when you hit the jackpot.

Poor Jakey
He had surgery to have a tumor removed from his paw yesterday. It was a big ball shaped growth that appeared between two of his toes. The vet thought he must have a foreign object embedded in there, but he never found anything. Jakey's recovering at home now. We go back to have the stitches removed next week.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
When I was in high school I was not a hot property with the boys. I was a guy's girl, the one that listened while they bitched about their girlfriends. We were pals. I wasn't conventionally pretty and I was chunky.

My romantic notions were probably influenced by numerous John Hughes movies and maybe Grease 2. So here was my big dream from high school...
That a foreign exchange student from Australia would come to my high school. He'd be hot and blonde and he'd have that rockin' accent and he'd think that I was the most desirable girl in the school. And...that was pretty much it. I guess it wasn't worth fleshing out too far, even then.

With my luck, I'd have been the object of desire of a foreign exchange student more along the lines of Long Duk Dong.
I'm So Ornery...
I made it through the entire decade of the 1980's refusing to use hairspray. That's Jr. High, High School, and most of my college years. Those of you who were there will understand the significance of that. Those that weren't, just look at the pictures from then. Yeah man, I was a Rebel.

One caveat: I did use mousse ;)
Our Water Baby
She spends half her time with her sleeve wet to the elbow. Mind you, the only standing water around here is the dog water bowl and the toilet. We try to keep the bathroom door closed so it's usually the water for the dogs. She'll dip her fingers in and then suck on them. Yuck, I know. She's completely fascinated with water. The real treat comes when she tries to pick up the water bowl and tip it back to drink from it like a cup. USUALLY we catch her at it. Not so today. So here she is...her front completely soaked...

The Walkoff Mat
Yesterday after work I visited the Evil Corporate Entity looking for a necessity or two that I wouldn't find anywhere else locally. No luck finding what I needed. But on a whim I picked up a cheap walkoff mat for the back door. We get so much mud and dirt tracked in, it's horrible. Maybe the mat could help a little bit. When I got it home and laid it on the floor Emma went straight over to it and put her head down on it. Great.

Today she was playing quietly in the kitchen and when she came through the living room door she was carrying the new mat. Her new toy apparently...

Now watch her learning about the inherent difficulties in picking up a mat on which you are sitting.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Post Christmas Nostalgia



Sadly, we can't find one of Daddy; his parents never took many pictures.
Another thing I forgot to mention...
M. is pretty sure she's saying "cow." Sigh. Deep sigh.


I forgot to tell you...
Yesterday Emma told Daddy it was time to take her outside. How did she do this? She brought him his hat. And then his toboggan. And then she tried to pull his coat off the kitchen chair, but ended up pulling the chair over. I think the message was pretty clear.

So her reward was getting to go outside. M. thinks she’s fascinated with the cows, which I find totally dismaying. You know how I feel about cows. He thinks that she likes them because they’re big and very noisy.


Monday, January 02, 2006
Done! (for now)
iPod is full of my collection from home. I have six or seven CDs at work I need to bring home and add. So final (almost) tally: 3771 songs, 9.9 days of music, 13.16 GB filled.
Yo! Dad!
She climbed up on the chair and stood up between her Dad and the television. I guess she knew she'd have a guaranteed audience. The VA Tech bowl game was on so she was right.

Loves Broccoli, Loves to Dance
This girl loves her broccoli. Everywhere.

Climbing Fool
Today was the first time she climbed up on the easy chair by herself. She was pretty pleased with herself. She wallowed the chair for a bit and then climbed down. Now that wasn't so pretty. She did it twice but her toys got in the way and messed her up.

Later, in the evening, she went up and down the steps repeatedly, with Daddy supervising. She really put on some vertical miles today. She should sleep well tonight.
Late Breaking Santa Pic
The Wednesday before Christmas I went to the Mall with Noni and Bro's family. They were scheduled for photo portraits for the kids. Before those photos they wanted to see Santa. Noni decided that she wanted to spring for an "official" Santa photo of Emma. So here it is, the official photo:

Mowing the carpet
This was a gift from my boss. Emma has mastered turning the sounds on and off using the switch. Now if she wouldn't leave all her toys in the floor her mowing would go much smoother.

Thank you Noni and Popi!
Perfect for post-season football viewing, woo hoo!