Saturday, March 14, 2009
My Saturday with Noni and Popi
Hi Mommy and Daddy,

I just wanted to say "hi" and let you know I'm having a good time with Noni and Popi.

After you left last night, Mommy, I pulled a funny on Noni and Popi. I put this real sad look on my face and said, "I miss my Mommy!" Noni looked at me real funny like she was worried, then I said "just kidding". From the look on Noni's face I think she wanted to get me bad, but she just laughed.

I started off today with almost 12 hours sleep, and a good breakfast, and some time playing with Noni and Popi and then a couple of shows. Popi asked me if I wanted dessert after breakfast, and here's a picture of Popi cracking nuts and giving them to me to eat. You know how I love my nuts!!!

Popi wanted to go to a motorcycle shop to buy something and we all went along. I saw some really neat things and I was excited about everything I saw. I was pulling Popi all over the place to show him the things I liked. The second picture is of me leading Popi around. I saw a four wheeler that looked like a bug and it was pretty neat. The third picture is of that. I ran all over the place showing Popi every single motorcyle and four-wheeler in the place. He seemed real pleased that I was that interested.

We visited Wal-Mart and they let me look at all the toys. You know how much I like to look at toys. Then we went home and rested a while and went again to another motorcyle shop. This time they were having a huge party and there were lots and lots of people there. They had food to eat and cool music that Noni and Popi liked - I think they said something about the 50's, I'm not sure what that meant. Anyway, I ate some, I danced some and I saw lots and lots of motorcycles. Some of the motorcycles were really fancy and had pictures of horses painted on them and there was one that Popi really liked. It looked something like what he already has, but newer. It must have cost a lot of money, because Noni just laughed when he said he was going to trade his bike in on this one. It was pretty though. Here's a picture from that place too.

And then when we got home Noni gave me a good bath and washed my hair. She even put conditioner on it just like you do Daddy. I was a very good girl today - Noni said so. I played hard with Noni and Popi. Popi read to me tonight before I went to sleep - Noni did it last night. It wasn't just exactly like you do it, Daddy, but they did a good job.
The last picture is of Popi reading to me.

Noni thought I was pretty cute today when we were getting our coats on after lunch. Popi had walked away to go to the bathroom and as Noni was putting on my coat, I told her: "I like Popi. I like Popi a lot!" She couldn't wait for me to tell that to Popi. I think it made them very happy. (Note from Noni: it was very sincere and unsolicited. A very special moment for sure.)

Tomorrow we're going to church and then to see Grandmommy. After that we're coming over the mountains to you two. I'm having fun. I do miss you, but don't worry, I'm a big girl and I'll be okay until I see you tomorrow.

I love you very much and I'm sending you a big hug and kiss.

Goodnight, Mommy and Daddy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
It pays to declutter
I'm still working diligently on the "big purge" in my house. The computer room is mostly cleaned out. That's where I put my new comfy chair and plan to put the baby's swing for those a.m. hours when he won't sleep. Anyway, once I was done with the bulk of the work I decided to go through some bins where I've been collecting papers to see what could be thrown out.

One of the bins holds Emma's stuff since the beginning. All the cards we got when she was born, her newborn pics, her birthday cards since then, her baby get the idea. I was flipping through the cards kinda browsing and out flops a Walmart gift card. $50. Holy hell, how did we miss this??? That card is four and a half years old now. I immediately went online to see if the card still held a balance. Unbelievably it still did, all $50.

While we might have used it for diapers or supplies back then, I feel like it is all Emma's now. She really doesn't need anything worth $50 right now so I might do what I often do, which is buy the card off of her and put the money in her savings. Then we roll the money into a CD when her current one matures.

Lucky girl.
Sunday, March 08, 2009
Emma loves it when we dress her in a skirt or dress. Shamefully, we rarely do it. She wore this outfit to school on Thursday. You could tell she feels like hot stuff when she's dress up. The same is true for us, I'd wager.

Her dog impression.

First shopping trip in weeks
I got a few more items for Jack (well, Noni helped too!). We are still in need of caps, socks and hooded towels so I picked up a few of those. Actually, I really didn't get any soft caps, but we got Jack a bucket hat and a tam, so he can be like his Popi. We bought some monkey stuff from the cheap junk bins at the front of Target. The cool thing is that the sign I bought to hang over his bed matches perfectly with the letters I already painted. I did buy six whole pairs of socks. Noni got him a new changing pad. We kept Emma's, but it was crushed in several places because we stored it poorly.

Several of you have told me you enjoy seeing what were collecting for the baby, so this is for you guys ;)
More 80's ads
It took me a while to talk someone into buying me Reeboks, but they were not high-tops. Just plain white, thanks.

When was the last time you saw a print ad for a videocassette?

Rayban Wayfarers, tres chic! Nonetheless I've always been more of a fan of Aviators. You can blame Tom Cruise for the Wayfarer madness of the 80's.

Oooh, Lee fashion jeans. So stylin'!

Smoking is hawt, ya'll! Just look how cool she looks.

Sting Rolling Stone Cover
Here is another one that I thought was so great in the early 80's. Unfortunately the direction he took after his first solo album didn't interest me in the least. The more I learned about him the more of a flake he seemed to be. Still think so.