Wednesday, March 11, 2009
It pays to declutter
I'm still working diligently on the "big purge" in my house. The computer room is mostly cleaned out. That's where I put my new comfy chair and plan to put the baby's swing for those a.m. hours when he won't sleep. Anyway, once I was done with the bulk of the work I decided to go through some bins where I've been collecting papers to see what could be thrown out.

One of the bins holds Emma's stuff since the beginning. All the cards we got when she was born, her newborn pics, her birthday cards since then, her baby get the idea. I was flipping through the cards kinda browsing and out flops a Walmart gift card. $50. Holy hell, how did we miss this??? That card is four and a half years old now. I immediately went online to see if the card still held a balance. Unbelievably it still did, all $50.

While we might have used it for diapers or supplies back then, I feel like it is all Emma's now. She really doesn't need anything worth $50 right now so I might do what I often do, which is buy the card off of her and put the money in her savings. Then we roll the money into a CD when her current one matures.

Lucky girl.