Saturday, November 26, 2005
Spaghetti Night
Emma just started eating spaghetti. So far we're doing the cheater method, no sauce. Her main meal was actually a turkey stew, but she was having a good time eating the spaghetti. We were having an even better time watching her.

Pics from supper tonight
These were just some funny faces I really loved.

Here she is signing "all done." Somehow she's decided that when this doesn't mean "all done" it means I'm thirsty.

The best kind of Santa pictures...
FREE! This Santa dude was just hanging out in the Christmas section in Kmart. Here is another reason you always carry your digital camera with you. No one was taking pictures for the store. If you had your camera along he was glad to oblige. First, I call this one "Santa Holding a 2 x 4"...

Now the "good" picture. I wasn't much concerned with getting a smile. I documented the authentic 14-month-old-meets-Santa experience.

Shopping with Noni AND Popi
We went out to Sears. Zzzzzzzz. Then to Lowes, 1/2 zzzz. Then to Taco Bell. Then to Kmart because they were having 50% off of some good stuff, plus 5 12-packs of Pepsi products for $10. Had to stock up on that Mountain Dew. Emma took some time to browse the clothes with Popi.

Does this make my butt look big?
Emma's Song
Emma is singing on the ride home. This is the same song she does when she's singing herself to sleep. Sorry for the motion shot, please don't barf.

Friday, November 25, 2005
Black Friday Report
We didn't make any particular effort. We went out after 11:00 a.m. and most doorbusters were over. Belk had one till noon so we were able to pick up identical necklaces for half price. It was a zoo. The parking lot was hilarious. It was like sharks circling. We did finally get a spot at the absolute farthest possible spot from where we were going. The walk did us good. I'm not a big fan of crowds so it didn't take much of the mob scene to get on my nerves.

Shortly after noon we met Popi for lunch at Mickey D's. It was a nice little lunch and Emma got the Little People Ronald McDonald. I'm hoping their holiday offerings will be better. ;)

After lunch we headed for the Walmart on the other side of town, away from the mall and the crowds. It was perfect. We spent a long time in there because Emma fell asleep and we basically had to shop till she woke up. Dangerous. The good news is that I got Christmas presents for my two nieces. Hello Polly Pocket!
Black Friday Outfit
This is a little Sketchers outfit Emma got for her birthday. I may have waited too long to put it on her, it's a bit small. It looked cute on her anyway.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Don't want to break Jessica's heart, but...
this is the fate of the Michael's supplement and it's valuable coupons in my house...

Mountain Magic
I got to leave work at noon today. I picked up Emma and went to see Daddy before heading home. While I ran to the bank he carried her down to the library meeting room where his mom needed his help. She's a Mountain Magic Maker. It's a little crafts collective that sets up every Thanksgiving weekend and the weekend after to sell their goods. This pic is from the meeting room where they were setting up their displays.

Her first mittens
This morning we had a cold 19 degrees. I put mittens on Emma for the first time. Her reaction was about what you'd expect. WTF!?!

Today's outfit 11/23
This isn't the model shot, but I like the action ones too. This is another outfit that her aunt Teresa found in her treasure hunting in consignment shops. Me likey.

Here ya go! Snow
It's only a couple of inches. It looks much better when the snow cover is about 8 inches and everything is blanketed. That's when it looks like a marshmallow world.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
I may have a picture for DJ tomorrow
It's snowing. Unfortuately I had to drive through blizzard conditions to get to my meeting tonight. I hate driving in the snow. It's so nerve-wracking. I white-knuckle it the whole way. Every accident I've ever had has been in inclement weather. One winter I had two snow wrecks within a month. I pretty much refuse to drive over the mountains in the snow. I did it for my old job and I have had enough. My nerves are shot. M. has to drive me. Occasionally I'll get caught in it and be forced to drive. Then I'm coming down the mountain in second, or even first, gear. Fortunately my current job is eight miles away on flat land. I can handle that, even though it may take twice as long to get there. Anyway...tis the season. We'll see what it all looks like in daylight tomorrow.
Monday, November 21, 2005
That time of the month
No, not AF, board meeting time. Yuck. One tonight, one tomorrow night. Thank goodness tonight's meeting was relatively quick. I took the opportunity to go into my office and knock out a project that required quiet time with no distractions. Now it's done. I'd been dreading it for months. Now I can look forward to enjoying my holidays. Woo hoo!
Today's outfit, almost
The book is obscuring the pattern on the shirt. Still, Mommy really loves this picture.

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Look at those little legs!
Except they're getting longer every day, waaaaaa! My baby, no toddler, is growing up!

Back on the wagon
She was a crankpot for the last 45 minutes tonight so we pulled out the big guns to entertain her.