A New Way of Living 1932


It is the purpose of this book to tell how to achieve a new way of living; how to preserve vitality; how to maintain enthusiasm and energy; how to get the most out of life because of the physical ability to enjoy it.

There are thousands of people who fail to get the full enjoyment from each day. Their lives are not normal because of constipation. It is so insidious. It gains a foothold before the person knows what is wrong.

Perhaps one of the most prevalent diseases in all the world is constipation...

Behold how constipation ruins your looks!

Dear Lord, what can save me from this fate of a sallow, lifeless hue?

Of course! It's like the lessons of the past reaching out to us in the distant future! BRAN!

If you aren't horrified by the prospect of the sallow hue and the dull and uninteresting eyes, maybe we can appeal to your vanity about your girlish figure!

Hell yeah, I'd like to be slender yet delicately rounded!

The interesting thing I gain from this slice of history is that we've known for a very long time that a high fiber diet is good for us. Yet the diet books on the bestseller list today make it seem like they're selling us something new. Not so surprisingly, here's proof that the basics have always been with us.
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Inn Kitty
We went to the buffet at the Inn for supper tonight. Afterward Emma wanted to pet the "leetle kittee." The kitty put up with it for a while but then eventually hissed at her and scratched her chest. Thankfully the claw didn't get past the cloth of her shirt.

Sometimes they have to learn the hard way.

Monday, June 25, 2007
Totally cool...right?
She had to have these. Which was convenient because I was going to buy her goggles on that trip anyway and she chose these from the $1.00 bin at Target before I could get to the more costly ones.

The price of the demise of paci...
We now have the extended tantrums characterized by hysteria, whining, crying, thrashing...whatever. She gets way out of control. What I'd like to do is lock her in a room and run far away. What I need to do is come up with a consistent strategy to deal with it.

The whining is awful. I can't stand it. I know, what mother can? I guess I'll be hitting the books again to get ideas for straightening her her out. What fun!
For those who asked...
This is how high the water comes up on Emma.