Thursday, March 19, 2009
Misery loves...
Complaining? Because I'm pretty sure company is not what my misery needs. I have all perfectly reasonable complaints. I feel huge. My jawline has disappeared. My fingers are like link sausages. I have no energy. Any exertion results in stiffness and soreness the next day. Honestly, aren't pregnant people doing the world a service by carrying on the human race? Why then must we suffer so? Waa Waa Waaaaaa!
Emma's new dresser
Emma's new dresser is actually an old dresser that was finished brown. M sanded it down and painted it white for us. I think he did a fabulous job.

Jack has now moved into the old dresser. It's ready to be pressed into duty.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
The princess on the parade float
She's sitting on one of her chairs perched on Daddy's furniture dolly. She's ready to throw her candy at me...

The graceful throw...

At least she knew to throw it at the ground near my feet and not at me.
Progress report
It seems like time is ticking away quickly now. I have so much to do at work to prepare and tons still to do at home.

This past weekend was festival weekend so we worked in the store Saturday and Sunday and Emma went to Noni and Popi's. You've already seen below how her day went. We had miserable weather here; it was rainy and in the upper 30's/low 40's. Remarkably, people still came. We probably did 3/4 the business we did on the first weekend last year. It's hard to tell whether you can attribute that to the weather or the economy. We'll cross our fingers for a better weekend this weekend, both weather-wise and business-wise.

We did get invited out to a friend's house for dinner on Saturday night. There was a third friend who was an old college buddy visiting for the weekend. I got to listen to lots of reminiscing and "What ever happened to...?" It was an enjoyable evening and so much easier since we got to be there without a child. It's not that it wouldn't have been fun with Emma, it would have just been completely different for us. The other couple had young kids so we got to see a lot of the same behaviors and reactions we see at home. M was pleased to find someone his age in the same boat as him. It's not remarkable to me since I have my mommy board friends to compare notes with. For M, he has no one much around here "like him."