Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Daddy, you freckled me!
I heard this a couple of times before I realized that the word she really wanted was "shocked." I'm not sure where the word substitution came from. I think we have it straightened out, but honestly, it was cuter the original way.
Note to Angie...
***WARNING: Possible spoilers for HBO's TrueBlood viewers***

I finished the last Sookie Stackhouse book and went to read your review. Sometimes the way we think alike is eerie. I was almost certain I'd find the term "Mary Sue" in your review. Don't be too hard on Sookie, she has fairy blood after all ;) I'm also a great fan of Eric, and in the absence of Eric, Quinn would have been fine. Bill left me cold too. It was refreshing to find a series where the heroine manages to dump, and move on, from a "great love." (See Stephanie Plum)

Obviously I found the series entertaining (eight books in eight days). Harris has a pretty vivid imagination and sometimes I found myself thinking, "Damn, girl! That's good!"

I don't settle down and read all that often and a nice "wish fulfillment" story is usually just the thing to make me happy. Now I'm in the same boat as all the other Sookie Stackhouse fans, waiting for number nine.
It is truly humbling...
When your four year-old kicks your ass sideways on a regular basis playing the memory game. I remember being pretty good at it when I was four too.

I learned quickly that sandbagging so she could win wasn't necessary with that game. Then I really got served some humble pie when she started trying to show me where matches were when it was my turn.

Now if there was money riding on the game and I was truly focused I might be able to beat her. But I'm not even sure about that. Probably don't wanna know...
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
He gave her a doorknob
Sometimes M will do something that really surprises me and touches me. He gave Emma a doorknob. I know, you're probably thinking, whaaaa? Her room has never had a doorknob inside. The stump is there where the ancient doorknob used to be. An adult or someone fairly dextrous can turn the stump and let themselves out easily. Not so much, a four year-old.

We close Emma's door every night when she goes to bed. She has never even attempted to try to leave her room. If she needs us she'll call out from her bed. We never told her she couldn't get up in the night, but somehow she just never does.

One morning when M went in to wake her up the first thing she told him was her pants were wet. It was the first time she'd had an accident in her big girl bed, and even then it never soaked through. I guess M spent some time considering her plight that day. When he came home he had a doorknob for her, so she would have no problem letting herself out if she wanted to. And it wasn't any old ordinary doorknob. It's an antique porcelain one. To match the old house we live in. He commented that he'd had it in a drawer at the store for years and probably could have sold it a thousand times over. He probably could have gotten some good money for it too.

Now it's on Emma's door. She helped him install it and showed him that she could use it. Now I just wonder if the glue that holds her in bed all night will unstick if she truly needs to get up. We'll see. My baby's growing up.
Blame Charlaine Harris
I've been reading instead of blogging. My bad. The good news is I have one book to go and then I'm caught up with the series. Book number eight is waiting for me tomorrow. Then I'll be able to resume my normal life. The bad news is I'll probably go into withdrawals.