Thursday, March 29, 2007
Mommy, I made Lori cry
When I picked up Emma from Mary's yesterday Mary said Emma and Lori (age 3 1/2) had been fighting like cats and dogs all afternoon. I asked, "What were they fighting over?" Everything. Oh boy. So on the way home we talked about it. I asked Emma if she made Lori cry. She said yes. I told her that wasn't nice and she had to be nice to Lori, don't make her cry. We covered the topic about ten times that night. M did the same thing with her. Every time it would come up she'd say "I made Lori cry..." She'd always draw out the last word. This morning when I dropped her off I told her to be nice to Lori today.

When I picked her up I asked Mary how the girls had done. She said fine. So when we got in the car I asked Emma if she had been nice to Lori today, to reinforce the message of being nice. She said, "Mommy, I made Lori cry..." I said Emma, that was yesterday. "I made Lori cry." Emma, that was yesterday, just be nice to Lori. When Daddy got home he asked Emma if she had been nice to Lori. "Daddy, I made Lori cry." Followed shortly thereafter with, "Daddy, Beaker poked me in my eye."
Emma's new trick is doing the balance beam act on the logs out back.

Oh, the horror!
Yesterday when I was getting ready for work I was putting on my favorite necklace. It started to slip out of my hands and I could tell the pendant was sliding off the chain so I released the whole bit hoping that they'd stay together. They hit the floor and I watched in horror as the chain completely disappeared. There was a crack between the floorboards and that crack sucked up my chain like noodle of spaghetti.

Now I own a ton of jewelry, a whole armoire full. But most all of it is costume jewelry. I own very few real pieces and I cherish those. One of my few real gold chains got sucked down into the abyss under my bedroom floor. Hell, I didn't even know there was an abyss. Aren't these supposed to be tongue-in-groove floors. I went downstairs and found M in the shower and told him about my tragedy. He wasn't too worked up about it. He was sure he could get it back since he had experience pulling up floorboards.

That evening he took a look at the situation and realized that you could actually see the chain, about six or seven inches under the floorboards. He jammed a screwdriver between the floorboards to open up the gap ever so slightly and took a bent piece of wire and fished it out for me. My hero! I'm thinking of getting a throw rug for the floor in front of my dresser now.

P. S. This was my push present to myself. Since M never gave me one. Hrmph.
She started it. Soon her Daddy joined in. When she decided to stop it she had a hard time getting Daddy to quit.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Big news of the night
"Daddy, Beaker poked me in my eye. With his tail."

We know this is big news because we were told this about fifty times tonight.
Every day when we get home Emma stays outside and plays on the slides. We are really enjoying this warmer weather and truly wish it would stay with us. We've gone three nights now without a fire in the wood stove.

Today was the first day I had put short sleeves on Emma since last fall. She was completely distraught when she couldn't pull her sleeves down over her arms. I ended up throwing a long sleeve shirt in her go-bag so Mary could change her shirt if Emma didn't calm down. When I picked her up at the end of the day she was still in short sleeves so I guess she managed to cope.

Watering time again
We had to water the stump and the volunteer daffodils today.

If Emma has a hobby, this is it
Throwing things in the water; wherever she find it. I really doesn't matter so much what she throws, but she seems to prefer rocks and sticks. The body of water isn't that important either. Anything from a puddle to a lake will suffice. Here she's happily doing her thing...

Well, excuuuuuuse me
I heard Emma calling from the other room, "Daddy...Daddy...Daddy...Daddy." M was installing a repaired storm window and couldn't drop everything to go her. I went in to see what she needed. She said to me, "I was talking to Daddy, I wasn't talking to you." Truthfully, I was so amazed at her sentence structure I forgot to be insulted.
R & R weekend
We needed it. M is enjoying his first day off in twenty days today. He's done a few light chores and relaxed. I played with Emma, did some laundry and played on the computer. Emma has had a great time being outside and exploring. Today she was so worn out she napped three and a half hours. On our two mile walk today M and I both wore shorts. Last weekend it was snowing. I'll be so glad when spring is here to stay.
When you find a hole...
You put something in it. Life is very uncomplicated at this age.