Thursday, October 25, 2007
Big weekend coming up
Which means I probably won't be blogging tomorrow night. As soon as we get off work and get Emma dressed up in her costume we'll be heading to the elementary school for their annual Halloween carnival. When we're done there Emma and I will pile in the car and head for Noni and Popi's house.

In the morning we'll go into the big city (snark) and go trick or treating at the businesses on court square. After lunch and a rest we'll head to the t*r*u*n*k or t*r*e*a*t at Noni and Popi's church. This time I'll be helping to decorate. We're going to do a Backyardigans birthday party in the trunk of my car (I think). Noni's even buying a mini-cake from Walmart for decoration. All of Emma's Backyardigans beanies will be in attendance. I plan to take plenty of pictures to share.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend! We plan to.
Anyone wanna guess?
What would cause so many looks of pure joy?

A simple game of hide and seek with Mommy.
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
The game
It may look familiar to some of you. The object of the game is to find the cars and fill them completely up with people and then go to Uncle B's house. Then when the cars get there the dialog goes something like this...

"Hey, Uncle B, how are you doing today?"

"Would you like to go back home to Emma's house?"

Daddy said he hopes that Uncle B has plenty of food because they just pulled up in two cars with six people each.

Uncle B's house is right there.

Emma's special pumpkin
Her daddy brought it home for her. I'd never seen one of these before, of if I did I didn't notice it. I particularly like the detail on the stem.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
I didn't forget...
I had a meeting tonight so I don't have much for you. The best story of the day has to do with pooping so I think I'm keeping it to myself. I know not all of my readers are that into it.

Instead I'll give you one of the obscure gems from my photos on Sunday. I love this one because I see a look of pure adoration on Emma's face as she looks at her daddy. He is totally her best friend in the world. Mommy is mommy, but daddy is the sun, the moon and the stars. The beauty is I really don't mind it. It's arguably the most important relationship in her life so I hope it will always be special.

Sunday, October 21, 2007
Kinda cool...
Apparently this blog is one of the world's foremost authorities on...

I post that as an image because I don't want to mess up Google's search routes to the relevant post. I'm #2 Google-ranked. For the last couple of weeks my hits have increased every day. Right now they're a little more than double. By the end of this week it will probably triple, from what I saw last year.

When I realized what was happening last year I made a one-page website with photos to redirect people to better information. That site is getting even more hits. Hard to believe I stumbled upon an unexploited niche because of a blog post.

If you want to see the post you can Google the above. Like I said, I don't want to post any of it here and mess up a good thing ;)
If you say so...
Yesterday we spent a lot of time playing with a little book of pirate stencils that Noni gave Emma when we were at the beach. One of the stencils is of the skull and crossbones, or the Jolly Roger. Emma said to me in her sweet cooing voice...

"Mommy, look at the jolly godger. His bones are sooooo cute!"
Train adventure
Today we drove over an hour from home to go to a city park that has a train for children to ride. The train has been in operation for fifty years. M remembers riding on it when he was a child. After the train ride we walked by the duck pond and watched the ducks and the huge koi underwater. We spent a while in the playground. The whole experience would have been enhanced if a certain someone's attitude had been better. But by then we were two hours past nap time and had to lump it. Before we hit the road M and Emma went for one more train ride. At $1.00 for four laps around the track I think it's a bargain.

There they are, right behind the engineer.

From our first train ride, when I actually rode along.

As the children exited by the engineer, they could lean over and push the train whistle.

I like this duck pond. It has an island in the middle where they can do all their poopin' and Sunday strollers don't have to walk in it. The lake near Noni and Popi is an example of what happens when you have too many wild ducks. It's hard to take a step with hitting something gross.

Two ducks and one exotic fish.

More play time!