Saturday, January 31, 2009
Welcome back, Noni and Popi!
In honor of your return from your Caribbean cruise I posted today. With pictures even!

Here's Emma playing with Popi's new train. Well, not quite new, it's been in the box for the two years since he bought it. The train made real smoke, which is something even Thomas the Train doesn't do.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
A respectful tone
We're having a challenge lately with the way Emma talks to us. A lot of the time she sounds super-bossy. She sounds like she's ordering us around, and it sounds very disrespectful. She especially does it to her Daddy a lot. We're trying to get right on this.

The problem is that it's a process that needs a lot of repetition. It's not like she's born knowing what respectful and disrespectful means. So first you have to try to make her recognize the concept. Then she needs to remember it and remember to practice it. This is what is taking time. I am not going to raise a daughter that sounds snotty when she speaks to me, I just won't have it. I think this is going to take a lot of work.

On a semi-related note last night in her room she said, "I command you to cover me up with the blanket!" I almost laughed out loud. I had to wonder where I'd heard that before. M reminded me that it's one of Plankton's favorite phrases on SpongeBob Squarepants. ("I command you...")
Monday, January 26, 2009
Cathartic snow
We haven't had it yet, and we really need it. We've had snow on the ground most of the winter, but it's been a dusting here, an inch there, piddling stuff. It's been cold, cold, cold. Kids have missed lots of school already and had seemingly dozens of two-hour delay days. But we still haven't had the big snow, the one that truly does act as a catharsis for everyone. To clarify the meaning of "catharis" I give you Merriam-Webster's definition 2b. "a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension." A cleansing snow fits that definition perfectly.

If you live in an area prone to snow you'll be familiar with the anticipation and tension that builds with every forecast of a big snow. In December we had several such forecasts which led to an inch or two inches, when they'd been predicting seven to ten inches. When you have that anticipation built up time and time again with no results people start to get cranky. It's not like big snows aren't a pain the butt, they are. But everyone is always waiting for that "worthy" snow, the one they can talk about, appreciate and commiserate about. The one where M has to drive me to work in the four-wheel drive truck.

They're calling for snow tomorrow. Two to three inches. Pffffft. Not helping.
Sunday, January 25, 2009
I finally cancelled my New York trip :(
Yeah, it was hard to let go. It's going to be an awesome time and now they'll be doing it without us. They added a couple to replace us (who are flying in from Germany for the occasion!). There's just no way I could go at 38 weeks pregnant. Even if the will was there the body would be complaining.

I booked the trip through Expedia and thank goodness I bought the travel insurance. It allows you to change or cancel your reservation one time prior to vacation time without incurring cancellation penalties. I'm getting back all my money for the hotel and all the airline ticket money as a credit with Delta. Unfortunately we'd need to use the Delta credit within one year of the original booking, which means we'd have to fly by July 23, 2009. We may end up getting hosed on that one, but we did know that the airline tickets were non-refundable. (Do they even sell refundable airline tickets?)
A "Tiger" cub
Here's Emma with her golf set she got for her birthday. She mostly been using it inside to practice putting. I'd like to think we could teach her to play golf (so I could start playing again someday!) but right now she's going through a phase where she's unteachable, at least for M and me.

"Let me just do it my way!"

Fashion show
Here's what Noni and I have compiled for Jack so far. You can tell I'm a sucker for details on the feet. Click on the pictures for a larger version so you can see details.

0-3 months:

3-6 months:

Odds and ends:

I'm not really sure why I was convinced that there are no cute things for boys. I'm having fun so far.