Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Noni's toy
We had a quick lunch with Noni today. We were running errands for our businesses today in town where she works. It was a horrific day thanks to my little monster and right now I feel wound tighter than a drum. I think this is why they invented drinking.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
In honor of our plans this weekend...
Here are some pictures of me in 1973 at the National Zoo in Washington DC. We plan to take Emma there this weekend. I'd be about the same age as her in these pictures. What an amazing coincidence that these pictures would be among the slides the Noni sent me.

These fellows represent the Holy Grail for our trip to the zoo. Emma and M are on a quest to find out what flamingos sound like. This question dates back well over a year from when M was reading the Noah and the Mighty Ark book to Emma. As they'd name the animals being loaded on the boat M would make the animal sounds. He never knew what to do for flamingos. Emma would always ask him, "What sound do flamingos make?" Finally, we intend to find out.


Noni and Popi, to answer your question...
Yes, the new slide scanner works. Hope you enjoy these!

UPDATE: I've been informed that these were all scanned backwards. Popi could tell because his ribbons on his dress blues were on the wrong side. Thank goodness for the "mirror" feature in PSP XI.


What I did this weekend...
On Saturday I slept late. I got up shortly after M got Emma up. After M headed off to work Emma started in on me, trying to convince me to make cookies. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are not exactly WW friendly so I tried to convince her that we didn't have the ingredients. Then she wanted to go to town. Eh, whatever. If I went to town I could pick up one of those little Betty Crocker pouches of mix that only makes a few cookies. I took her to the Dollar Store and we got the mix. I got out of there for $3.00 even. I bought the mix, a pack of gum for me, and a 100 pc. puzzle for Emma. Sometimes cheap junk from China does fit the bill.

We went by the store to see Daddy. We all walked down to the post office together to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We passed yard sales and other impromptu gatherings. When we got back to the store Emma wanted to play on the porch for a bit. M did that with her and then we came home to make cookies. I fed Emma lunch, gave her a fresh baked cookie, read her a story and sent her down for a nap.

Less than an hour later Noni and Popi showed up on the motorcycle to visit us. I knew they might come by, but I had no idea when. I woke Emma up and let her visit with her grandparents. They didn't stay very long because it was threatening rain. Around the time they left a few random drops fell and then nothing the rest of the night. Feh.

Saturday evening we visited some friends who were having a Kentucky Derby/Cinco De Mayo party. There were three other couples there, all with kids. This is the same group we get together with two or three times a year. We had a good time. One of the girls (4th grader) won the filthy lucre from the ponies, a whole $20. I tasted my first mojito. I'll leave those to the club crowd, yeeech.

Sunday morning I got up late again. The dogs wake up M so I don't feel as guilty as I should for getting to be the one to sleep late. We puttered around and got showered and dressed. At noon we met my mother-in-law at the Inn for lunch. We were treating her for Mother's Day. We'll be out of town next weekend so we wanted to make sure to give her some special attention before we left.

When we came home I had giant piles of laundry to do. M went out to play with Emma for a while. Then, much to my surprise, he started washing the kitchen windows. Now let me tell you, those suckers haven't been washed in over ten years. They've been disgusting for years. Really disgusting. I am so happy to have clean shiny windows I can't tell you. We opted to put the screens from the windows over the kitchen sink into storage. We never open those windows and now we have a clear view from them. I'm so excited about my clean windows I'm sharing a picture!

We took a break and went for a walk. We've always walked two miles, but today we did three miles. I guess that's because I've been doing three miles on the treadmill and M thought that's what I'd want to do. My body is aching all over now. Road miles are different than treadmill miles, that's all I have to say.

My little goofball
On the way down the street to pick up the mail Saturday we stopped by a yard sale. M was checking out this little bike. He pushed Emma around on it a little bit. Then when he sat on it she started doing acrobatics on the front tire. It was all her idea and pretty hilarious to watch.