Thursday, December 03, 2009
Weigh In
OK, I forgot to post last week when I achieved the 20 lb. mark. So, first let's establish that fact. Now here's this week's weigh in:

Lost this week: +.8
Lost so far: 19.2

See me being so honest. Blah. I deserved to gain because I went off program for four days. It was a choice I made and I'm back on track and moving forward. I suppose that's how you maintain a goal weight in real life. But I wouldn't know for sure because I've never managed to get to goal. This time though...
Is anyone else busy this month?
Ha ha. It must just be me, right? It's fun to have stuff to look forward to. Now my daughter is old enough that there are enough commitments that I have to actually write them down on the calendar to remember them. To be honest a lot of our December commitments are annual and predictable. But being in the school system adds to that. Plus I have work events. It keeps me on my toes.
I got my first Christmas card today!
Woo hoo! Although to be honest it was a Hanukkah card, which is every bit as good. DJ and her family get to be the first card on my Gallery of Honor this year. The gallery features everyone who sends me pics. Here it is from years past...

For the record I love Christmas cards and I love watching my gallery grow :D