Thursday, January 24, 2008
Emma report
Not much new going on, except there's a new little girl at Mary's. She's probably 1 to 1 1/2 years younger than Emma. It's big excitement in Emma's world.

As far as today goes Emma is in a foul mood. I'm always the target for those so I'm not exactly feeling the love the day (directed at me). Right now she's watching "The Tale of the Mighty Knights," which she now loves. But she still wants me to watch with her because some of it is scary. Or so she says.
(Lack of) Progress Report
It's a bit worrying. I know the vet said Jake would be really sore for a while, but I wasn't expecting it to be like this. All Jake does all day long is lay on his bed. Sometimes he lays there and whines. You have to practically beg him to get up to go outside to do his business. When he walks the front part of his body goes straight but his back end leans to the side. He walks really slowly and stiffly. It's just not like him at all. I worry that maybe the vet missed something. Jake's still on the antibiotics, painkillers and soft food. It's just hard to be patient while he heals.

Once again, thank you for your concern. It's very sad to watch a pet suffer.
They're finally back
I've been wanting to try out my telephoto lens on our neighborhood deer. Unfortunately, it takes a long time after hunting season for them to re-emerge.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
The next day
Jake woke up, that was a good sign. I had a fear that he had some undetected internal injury that was missed by the vet. Paranoia on my part. He is moving slowly and stiffly. The good news is that all his bodily functions seem fine. The vet recommended soft dog food for a little while so M brought home a few cans at lunch. M also moved Jake's dog bed over close to the wood stove so he'd be warmer. Jake is getting the pampered pooch treatment now.

Thank you all for your kind comments and support. There for a while it was really scary. We're very lucky it turned out like it did, with no serious injuries. I do have one question though...why is it that my dogs never get hit during the vet's office hours?
Monday, January 21, 2008
It started with a knock on the door...
...and then a frightened and frazzled looking young girl telling M, "Do you have a dalmatian? I hit your dalmatian." As M opened the door Jake bolted inside so M didn't even know he was hurt. Then we looked closer and Jake was trailing blood and limping. Oh, no. The girl says, "I know he's hurt, I really hit him." M thanks her and she goes on her way. We examine Jake the best we can and we see lots of lacerations and scrapes, blood coming from his mouth, a skinned spot on the top of his head, and maybe a split toe. It looks like he was rolled because he has black marks all over him.

Now here's the part that hurts. Our veterinarian hung up his practice in December. There isn't a single veterinarian in the county. We've never been to anyone else with our dogs. I picked up the phone and called the one in the nearest county. Fortunately she doesn't live all that far over the line, maybe a forty minute ride. I explain to her the situation. She agreed to come in for us. Of course she warned us about the emergency fee. Great, we really have no choice, do we?

So M walked away from the supper cooking on the stove and loaded Jake up in the truck. Now they're gone. It's been an hour since he left and I haven't heard anything. I'm hoping all of Jakes injuries are superficial. All the bleeding from the mouth worries me, but it looked like it could have actually been a mouth injury. I hope I'll hear something soon.

UPDATE: M just called. It was just as I'd hoped, mostly superficial wounds. The mouth bleeding was a wound inside his mouth, nothing internal. Nothing is broken. Jake will be on antibiotics and painkillers. The vet said he was going to be very sore for a while. Even the split toe won't need stitches, but it will be really sore while it heals. Ugh. And all this cost ninety-couple dollars, seventy of which was the emergency office visit fee. I'd say we got off really lucky on this one.

Jake has lived on this farm and along that road for over ten years now. I really can't understand why he would put himself in the position to get hit now. But honestly, it was a good lesson to him, I'm sure, and a good lesson to Emma. We spent quite a bit of time at dinner discussing Jake's injury and I reinforced to Emma why it's so important to remember that cars are dangerous.
Don't you wish you had one of these?
39.25" tall and leaves a path of destruction in her wake. You should see when I ask her to clean up. I get to see a great heaving sigh, she hunches way over for emphasis. Then come the excuses. The best one I've heard so far..."I can't, I feel dizzy."

Sunday, January 20, 2008
Photo of the Day
Photo by M. Editing by HG.

Lap Garage
Emma never hesitates to arrange her environment to suit herself.

I Love the Backyardigans. So much.
We're finally sitting down to watch "The Tale of the Mighty Knights" which we recorded on the DVR. We're just a few minutes into it and I could cry. For joy. Seriously. Queen is all over this. First I had to Google to see if Brian May scored this. It sounded so much like Flash Gordon, which was scored by Queen in 1980. When I Googled I discovered that I wasn't the only one who picked up the Queen influence. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make a direct connection. At the very least I suspect it was scored on one of Brian May's guitars.

This just took a show I already loved and solidified it's place in my heart. Wait, now they're riffing on Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh God, I may melt.

On the other hand, Emma is not happy. Yesterday Noni started to watch this show with Emma and Emma told her she couldn't watch it because, "Mommy won't let me watch dragons." Wow, that's news to me. She made that up out of whole cloth. She was scared. I'm sure it's because of the heavy bass beat and rock and roll sound. As a matter of fact as we're sitting here watching it, Emma's face is buried in her Daddy's side about 40% of the time. We tell her not to be afraid, there's nothing to be afraid of. She answers, "I'm just playing hide and seek," and buries her face again.

P. S. I do know that Adam Pascal from "Rent" is in this episode too, but I've never seen Rent and it's lost on me.