Saturday, January 20, 2007
My child's crap has taken over my house!

Any fans of Victoriana or old postcards?
Because I have both. I'm starting a project to scan old family postcards that I was given by my grandfather years ago. I thought I might share some of the fronts with you. I love the old litho-chrome printing with the vibrant colors that was featured on the cards of those days.

This first series is a set of postcards from World War I. My great grandfather served in Europe so I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he purchased these to send and then never got to it. The stamps are already on them. I'm going to dedicate this set to Shawnie and Jennie and everyone else who has someone in the armed forces serving overseas. And to those soldiers, sailors and marines too.

Mr. Picasso Head
Here's a fun little art exercise. You can make your own here.

Friday, January 19, 2007
Daddy's hat is nice and fat...
Wait...wrong story. Only baseball hats are allowed on her head. I have no idea why...

Am I officially a fossil?
I spent my morning putting together a Powerpoint presentation. It's probably the third one I've done in my life. Does that put me back there with the dinosaurs?
More bath time art
Crayons are big part of bath time. Emma especially loves it when Daddy draws Mickey Mouse.

Thursday, January 18, 2007
I almost didn't post tonight either...
Blogger was being a beotch. But I waited her out.

Last night internet access at my house was down. I thought it was a wider outage so I didn't do very much here to find the problem. This morning I found out it was only my house having problems. Then I traced the trouble to my wireless router, which has been balky lately. I reconfigured it and now we seem to be good to go.
Yesterday at Noni's
Turning on the charm with Noni.

The payoff.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Highlights from the Search Engine keywords list...
Skipping all the usuals this time and giving you the highlights:

1. 2nd birthday invitation Elmo - Elmo seems to be popular with two-year olds.
2. Change Emma's diaper - Seriously? It's no different for Emma's than for any other kid's.
3. Autopsy and then go out for a cheese sandwich at lunch - How in the hell did this psycho land on my website?
4. Hand me down crayons highlights - Hand me down crayons? Is this a phenomenon that I've missed somehow?
5. Pat on back hug - Yep, that's us. You're among friends.
6. Labcorp wall of shame - Uh, yeah. These are the folks doing the biopsy on my tissue samples. This gives me warm fuzzies.
7. Dinosaur frozen chicken nuggets costco - They're great in a pinch. I recommend buying in bulk.
8. 10 month old arm flapping - This one led to one of my favorite haikus...

Arms flapping wildly
Baby bouncing up and down
Tiggers love to bounce

9. Diaper gal - This was Highland Gal before she was potty trained too.
10. Torpedo tits - I had to include this one just because it won't go away. Seriously, I hope they're not searching for pictures.
Monday, January 15, 2007
Running wild
This evening she was burning off some energy by running laps around the downstairs. I turned around and caught her dipping her hand in the dog's water.

Sunday, January 14, 2007
I went to a baby shower. First, I received a blank invitation. It had my name on the front but when I opened it all the lines were blank. I hoped that the oversight wasn't meaningful. Second, the shower was given by...the mother of the expectant mother. If you're wondering what's wrong with that I refer you to this post, item #14. Third, the expectant mother AND her mother were both wearing jeans. Hrumph. Stuff like this makes me feel like an old fart.