Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Mommy is magic!
Yesterday Emma was watching the Sesame Street episode "Max the Magician." She came into the computer room to show me her tricks, which were just as tricky as Max's. In other words, she hides the item right in front of you when she makes it disappear and then gives you a big "Voila!" with a flourish. Keep in mind, this is the kid who still thinks that if she can't see you, you can't see her. I obliged her with cheers for her "extraordinary" powers.

Then she wanted me to be the magician. So I took her book, spun around 360 degrees in my chair, and tucked it under my shirt when my back was to her. I finished my rotation with a flourish "Ta da!" Emma totally fell for it. "Where is it?" "It disappeared," I told her, "It's magic!" Meanwhile I'm sitting right in front of her with this book bulging out under my shirt. Still, she looked all around me to see where I might have laid the book. "Make it reappear." I spun my chair around, brought the book out and "Voila!"

I'm thinking of myself...Mommy, she is so awesome.

Next I had to make her dollbaby disappear. I thought this would give it away because that would be really bulky under my shirt. I did my twirl and finished. Nope. She did not see the giant bulge under my shirt. She was looking all around my chair again. I could see that the magic was starting to freak her out a little. I was getting the look like "Mommy, I had no idea..."

The baby reappeared to Emma's relief. Then she gave me her bike helmet. OK, now this will surely give it away. I mean, I'll look eight months pregnant with that thing under my shirt. So I spun around, jammed the helmet up my shirt and did my little "Ta da!" Captain Obvious was taking the day off. She didn't see it right in front of her.

Finally, when I was doing the trick with the book again, she said "Is it under your shirt?" I lifted my shirt to show her. I wish you could have seen the look of relief on her face when she saw the book and realized how Mommy's magic worked.

I tell you, being Omniscient is already heady stuff, being magical too would make me unbearable.

Kids are so cool.
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
See the Green and Gold on the "Today" show tomorrow
The "Today show is going to broadcast from the Colonial Capitol in Williamsburg tomorrow. According to the press release:

The broadcast is coming to Virginia as part of the "Today" show’s coverage of the upcoming presidential election. Virginia has been tagged as one of several battleground states in the campaign.

I'd guess the green and gold will come from all the William & Mary students who'll be there to spectate. I never see morning shows since I'm working, but I'd watch this just to see my second home ;)
Sunday, September 21, 2008
All aboard the Durbin Rocket!
Today we took an excursion on a train. It ran along the Greenbrier river. You can read more about the unique qualities of the steam engine we rode by clicking on the site for the Durbin Rocket. It was a two hour round trip of about 11 miles. That was traveling at eight miles an hour and stopping a lot. As a matter of fact we stopped more than usual to accommodate a special passenger.

A cameraman from the PBS series Great Scenic Railway Journeys happened to be on our scheduled trip. That meant we got to leave the station three times, taking off and backing up, so he could get the shot he wanted. Then we got to pass by the same white farmhouse three times so he could get that shot. The conductor told us that the cameraman was the boss. The repetition wasn't too onerous and perhaps we'll actually be on TV sometime in the future. I'd say it's not likely because we didn't make any particular effort to be in his shots. But we'll probably check out the program just in case.

Taking off from the depot.

The cameraman doing his thing.

At the end of the line was a picnic area by the river. We got out for about 20 minutes and explored the area.

M took the opportunity while we were stopped to take some photographs of the engine.

On the way back we made a stop over the river and they filled the water tank on the engine with river water. Emma was hanging out while we waited.