Sunday, September 21, 2008
All aboard the Durbin Rocket!
Today we took an excursion on a train. It ran along the Greenbrier river. You can read more about the unique qualities of the steam engine we rode by clicking on the site for the Durbin Rocket. It was a two hour round trip of about 11 miles. That was traveling at eight miles an hour and stopping a lot. As a matter of fact we stopped more than usual to accommodate a special passenger.

A cameraman from the PBS series Great Scenic Railway Journeys happened to be on our scheduled trip. That meant we got to leave the station three times, taking off and backing up, so he could get the shot he wanted. Then we got to pass by the same white farmhouse three times so he could get that shot. The conductor told us that the cameraman was the boss. The repetition wasn't too onerous and perhaps we'll actually be on TV sometime in the future. I'd say it's not likely because we didn't make any particular effort to be in his shots. But we'll probably check out the program just in case.

Taking off from the depot.

The cameraman doing his thing.

At the end of the line was a picnic area by the river. We got out for about 20 minutes and explored the area.

M took the opportunity while we were stopped to take some photographs of the engine.

On the way back we made a stop over the river and they filled the water tank on the engine with river water. Emma was hanging out while we waited.