Friday, April 06, 2007
Good Friday post and post card
We're headed up to Uncle B and Aunt K's after work this evening. So this is it for today. Possible activities tomorrow include an Easter Egg Hunt and a trip to the Air and Space Museum out near Dulles. We'll see how things shake out. I should come away from this trip with lots of nice pictures to share. Or I should say, I am under orders from Noni to take lots of pictures. We're looking forward to this trip after a long hard winter. It will be nice just to get away. Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'll check in if there's spare time.

Thursday, April 05, 2007
Easter 1908
I paired these to compensate for the fact that the second one is damaged. It's still pretty, though.

Thank you, Aunt B.!
While I was writing the last post I heard some paper rustling in the kitchen. Curiosity drew me to find Emma helping herself to a gift bag on the kitchen table which, fortunately, was for her. It's from her Aunt B. Emma was so excited when she saw the rake. She jumped down and immediately wanted to go outside. I told her there was more in the bag. She unwrapped a cute sun visor and some gardening gloves. I'd say her gardening supplies are almost complete. Unfortunately the temperatures are in the 20's again and snow flurries have been flying around all day. You can't really see them, but in the last photo there are snowflakes flying around as Emma plays with her new garden rake.

As a service to my readers...
I'm adding Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper to my blogroll. Crystal certainly doesn't need the hits, but I'm tired of having to go to Leslie's blogroll to find the link. I recommend you all check it out. Crystal seriously cracks my ass up on a regular and consistent basis. That's why I'm doing you the favor of providing the link, you will not be disappointed. To get an idea of the flavor of her posts I suggest you start with this post:

Mr. Mom and the follow-up post Edit: Because this shit is too funny. Pun intended.

Then try Spring Break

Finally, best of all, Filed under: Parents 1, Smart-assed, Teenage Son 0.
Driving lessons
Apparently this lesson concentrated on use of the horn.

Another one!
It's a good thing I didn't have plans for a lovely formal Easter photo this year. Emma now has the third wound on her face in two weeks. I have no idea how she got this one. I never even noticed it until after we had left Mary's this afternoon.

Does anyone recognize this crew?
More "on demand" art from Daddy.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
It's baaaaaack!
The Deadliest Catch

One of the few instances of "appointment television" that still interests me. M and I have been hooked since it started.

Coincidentally, the only other two shows that we bother to keep up with are running now too. A new season of South Park started a few weeks ago and the last eight episodes of The Sopranos starts this Sunday. We still love Mythbusters, but we don't actually make it a goal to catch them when they're new.
New Watering Can
Daddy bought Emma her own watering can. I believe we filled it up five or six times so that Emma could water her wagon and her cart. Then she decided she was going to play "splash" in them until every drop of water had disappeared. In fact, the water didn't disappear, it soaked into her clothes. She was the one who eventually asked to go inside and change clothes. So she does have some sense.

Are you threatening me?
Tonight Daddy was pretty late getting home. Emma and I had snacked enough to probably ruin her dinner. Not that it makes much difference; she seems to be rejecting five out of seven meals we present to her these days anyway. She sat at the table and shoved away her plate. After a few minutes of sitting there she says, "I want chocolate." No, you have to eat some supper.

She wasn't going to eat anything on her plate. Her Daddy had promised her chocolate after supper and I guess she was determined to skip to the good stuff. I was determined that she would eat something healthy before she could have chocolate. So I told her, raisins or carrots. Then I decided I'd get the carrots. She says to me (another new one) "I'll throw it up." No you won't. "I'll throw it up." OK, but first you have to eat it, so eat it.

She ate her carrots and I gave her chocolate covered raisins for her chocolate.
Sunday, April 01, 2007
In honor of Palm Sunday...
The first one was mailed in 1908, so now I know the Easter Bunny goes back at least that far. The second card is undated and unmailed.

Easter Eggs!
We did it! With no major spills or stains. Although, we did pretty much micromanage the affair to a fair-the-well. Her job was lowering the eggs in the cups, stirring them around in the dye, and then helping to remove them from the cup. Afterward she got to put stickers on a couple that weren't up to Mommy and Daddy standards. Here's a hint for those of you who haven't dyed eggs in over a case you've forgotten, have plenty of vinegar on hand. How could I forget that?

She thinks she's a cat...
She can certainly "meow" like a cat. But, we don't even let our cat do this.

Helping Popi
They were refilling the bird feeder. I thought he was awfully brave to let her give it a try. She does try to do it right, but you can count on a little clean-up afterward.

"I do it."

Hanging it up again. Uh, Popi, why are there nuts and M&M's on the ground?

What do you mean don't eat it?