Thursday, August 12, 2010
Camp Noni and Popi - Day Two (Monday)
Noni says: We had a nice picnic lunch at the South River Falls Picnic area and then hiked down to the falls - a little over two miles round trip - seemed like TEN!!!! Everyone did well - minimal complaining. Lots of rest stops and water. Even little Jack walked a good bit. Popi carried him back up though. What a hero!! Then to Big Meadows for ice cream and some playtime. Great Day!! Real troopers we have for grandchildren. Proud of all of them!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Camp Noni and Popi - Day One (Sunday)
Noni says:
Things are off to a good start. First things off to church. Time with the cousins all together at Alex and M's; next pool time; last but not least the great meal and ice cream at the church ice cream social. So many different flavors - hard to choose. Now Jack is in bed, J is reading to Emma, Popi and M are working a Sodoku and C is chilling out with his DS. Great day (only one "I miss my mommy and daddy", but all is well now.)