Friday, May 25, 2007
Lameness past and present
I'm talking about my faithfulness to my blogging recently. I've been incredibly busy this week with regular duties, which are escalating, and evening meetings on top of it all. It will get worse before it gets better. Next week I have two more nights of meetings and since I'm only working three days I'll be going insane with trying to get everything done. But then...

Vacation. Woo hoo! On June 1 we'll leave for Noni's to spend the night and then the next morning we'll head for Hatteras Island, NC. I'm looking forward to the break. I just hope my head doesn't explode before then.
Our good fortune...
is to have great friends. Who have kids much older than Emma. They give us great stuff that their kids have outgrown. This time we hit the jackpot. We were given a wooden play structure. Our friend even brought it to us on his trailer, from three hours away. Awesome. We haven't assembled it yet because he also brought us a gallon of stain to treat it with before we assemble it.

Yesterday we found that Emma could climb the thing on her own. But it really looks scary because the rungs are way too far apart and the handles at the top are too far for her to reach. She gets the final grip by sticking her fingers between two floor boards. We'll need to make her a safer ladder or I may have a heart attack before July 4th.

Today the stain was painted on so Emma couldn't climb the ladder. She contented herself with playing with the rope and the slide which is laying on the ground.

I'll post a picture of the whole thing when we finally get it together.

Hold the rope
This is a chant Emma has been doing forever. Now she has her own rope to hold. Which is about all she can do with it at this point. I can see many adventures ahead.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Overheard in the other room...
This was while M was giving Emma her bath...Emma's voice...

"I'm going to touch it."

"I'm going to tooooooouch it."

"Here I go-oooo."

"Touch it."
"Touch it."
"Touch it."

Of course curiosity overcame me and I had to ask what she was touching. It was her toothbrush.
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Afternoon playtime
She spends time playing in the yard every day when we get home. She's too big for her wagon now, so she pulls her things around in it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Trying out a new punishment ;)

There were other children at the playground this time. She avoided them like the plague. I'm finding that if she knows children she'll go right to them, but if they're strangers she's very wary. Wary enough to keep her eye on them as they played on the "castle" and report to me, "I think they're almost done." They never did leave; we left first. We bribed her away from the playground by promising her ice cream at the store.

Sawdust, yay!
Daddy did some wood planing outside the front gate. It made a nice pile of sawdust. Emma had great fun with it. When she was done, or so we thought, Daddy raked it into a pile and threw it into the tall grass. Then Emma decided to come running and throw herself onto the ground where the pile of sawdust used to be. Silly girl.