Saturday, October 04, 2008
The strangest thing...
Emma is very fearful of scary things in shows. She's afraid of new episodes of Backyardigans, some episodes of Little Einstein, and now of My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Yes, you read that right. Now you'll understand better why we haven't watched much in the way of feature length movies.

Yesterday Emma was watching an episode of My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I thought she had seen it before, which usually means it's OK. It was "Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin'" Emma came to me after a few minutes and said she was scared. I told her it would be all right, it was Pooh for goodness sake. She dutifully went back in to watch. She soon returned. It was scary. I shooed her back in to finish it. I knew if she made it to the end the "mystery" would be solved and it would all be OK.

It was quiet for several minutes so I became engrossed in my project. Suddenly, the most piercing scream of terror erupted from the living room and I could hear Emma tearing toward me. I thought maybe a dog had gotten her, or the cat. I jumped up and before I got out the door I caught her running flat out for me. She was terrified. It was the show. They must have shown a woozle, or a shadow of a woozle, and it freaked her out. Honestly, I had never heard that scream in my life.

Poor thing.
Thursday, October 02, 2008
Pumpkin Harvest
The watering can is for washing off the mud. It's as ineffective as you would imagine, but that didn't dim Emma's enthusiasm.

Not a bad crop. M also brought in the last of the bell peppers. We're supposed to have 38 degree weather tonight. He cleaned the chimney this afternoon and we have our first fire in the wood stove for the season. Man, I love my wood stove heat. Nothing else can keep you so roasty toasty.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Choose your drama
Lately Emma has been picking the lamest and most inexplicable stuff to throw hysterics over. Real tears, clinging, pleading, the whole bit. Tonight it was triggered by me mentioning that we'd be taking cupcakes to her school because she'll be going to school on her birthday (next Thursday). They're even going on a field trip that day so M. and I were going to try to break away from work to go along. Emma doesn't want to have her birthday at school. That was the trigger. I tried to explain that she'd also have a pizza supper and cupcakes that night with us at home. Grandma and Uncle K will be there too. She kept wailing, "I don't want to have my birthday at school." She also seems to think that she won't get any cupcakes. Then I added that Noni and Popi and Uncle K's family were going to come over that Sunday for a princess party. That didn't help a bit. She never calmed down until I conceded that she wasn't having her birthday at school (I lied).

But the absolute lamest reason for a meltdown happened in the car this morning. As we were pulling out of the driveway Emma wanted to know if there were any cows in the road. I told her "no" and made some reference to them being Billy's cows. She got all upset because she doesn't have any cows. I tried to explain to her that it was a blessing none of those cows were hers. Cows are stupid and poop all the time. She wanted a cow. I told her she'd have to take that up with her daddy. She cried real tears over not having a cow of her own. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if she's actually related to me.


Monday, September 29, 2008
To the Dallas Cowboy fans who read this blog...
The gymnastics
We went to Maryland this weekend so Emma could go to her cousin J's gymnastics birthday party. They put the kids through their paces on all kinds of different equipment including zip lines, swinging ropes, trampolines, and other stuff. Here they were warming up. Emma didn't know what to do.

She got to climb the wall and then slide down the other side.

Swinging down the zip line.

Her fun was somewhat ruined by the fact that she arrived with two fingers bandaged for having raw skin underneath. She had a mishap with Grandma's treadmill on Thursday and the wound was still fresh. The swinging didn't help her fingers much.

The party
After the activities the kids gathered in a back room for ice cream cake...

J. opened her presents so her friends could show her what they got her.

Emma was thoroughly examining the good ones.

The whole gang.