Saturday, October 04, 2008
The strangest thing...
Emma is very fearful of scary things in shows. She's afraid of new episodes of Backyardigans, some episodes of Little Einstein, and now of My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Yes, you read that right. Now you'll understand better why we haven't watched much in the way of feature length movies.

Yesterday Emma was watching an episode of My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I thought she had seen it before, which usually means it's OK. It was "Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin'" Emma came to me after a few minutes and said she was scared. I told her it would be all right, it was Pooh for goodness sake. She dutifully went back in to watch. She soon returned. It was scary. I shooed her back in to finish it. I knew if she made it to the end the "mystery" would be solved and it would all be OK.

It was quiet for several minutes so I became engrossed in my project. Suddenly, the most piercing scream of terror erupted from the living room and I could hear Emma tearing toward me. I thought maybe a dog had gotten her, or the cat. I jumped up and before I got out the door I caught her running flat out for me. She was terrified. It was the show. They must have shown a woozle, or a shadow of a woozle, and it freaked her out. Honestly, I had never heard that scream in my life.

Poor thing.