Saturday, September 10, 2005
New Orleans photo essay
These photos are from someone who lived there and rode out the storm. The progression of the pictures over the days is remarkable and his story is a departure from what the mainstream press was focusing on. I highly recommend you check out his pictures. I recognized several places I had been.
White Trash credentials revoked
The last disabled vehicle is gone from our property. M. gave his 1988 Isuzu pick-up to a high school kid who hangs around a lot and helps him out at the store. It will need some serious work to run again but there may be hope for it. He came down this afternoon with with father and sister and they towed it away. Buh-bye! Good riddance.

And as a bonus M. finally brought home the tall ladder so that he can take down the Christmas lights (yes, Christmas) that are tucked under the roof line. I'm telling you, there are almost no outward signs now that scream "White Trash Reside Here."
11 Months Old Today!
Woo hoo! My baby is almost a year now, where has the time gone?
In the mail...
Emma's birthday partyware arrived yesterday. Here's what we got. Unfortunately the day after I ordered this stuff we decided to pare the party list by a few people so I got more than I need. Oh well. Our house is so small we decided to have a second party at mom's to alleviate the crowding. Maybe I can use some of the stuff there too.
Thursday, September 08, 2005
Yes, I'm ready for some football

It starts tonight! Woo hoo! All other sports pale in comparison. Pro Basketball, boring. Baseball, deathly boring. Golf, well, I watch that because every time Tiger slices one onto the wrong fairway I think to myself "I can play like the pros!"

Football is in my blood. My mother was in RFK stadium for a Redskins game the day before I was born (two weeks late!). I've been a Redskins fan from the next day on. We've seen some really happy days as fans, and some long low periods (now). The return of Joe Gibbs has given us hope, but the day of the prima donna player is upon us. I don't know if even Gibbs can conquer the me, me, me egos of the entitled playas. Frankly, the thing we pray most for it to please just beat the Cowboys. Sigh.
Behold the destruction!
This is the fruits of about half an hour of labor:

This is after I cleaned it up:
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Update on Toofers
I'm pretty sure at least one of them has popped through now. If the other hasn't it is very close. So we now have numbers 7 and 8. I've been warned the rest are worse, Greeeeat.
More firsts
These are the ones you dread, you know they're coming because they're the only way she'll learn. She closed her dresser drawer on her finger. Fortunately it wasn't a hard slam, but I had to pull her finger out because she was still applying a little pressure; she fell against it. It's giving me good practice at comforting.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Little Drummer Girl (featuring product placement!)

Hanger Raider

Get Caught Reading
Monday, September 05, 2005
to those who might jump to the conclusion that my child lives in a playpen since I own one, the only time she spends in there is when I'm loading the car to leave for work and M. is in the shower. So don't bother to blog about me.
Emma's new toy
My cousin and aunt and uncle bought Emma a toy for her birthday (I think it's for her birthday). Here she is playing with it at the family gathering. Stacking toys drive her nuts. If you stack it up and show it to her she must tear it apart NOW. She has another one that I keep in her playpen. When I set her in there I always quickly grab the pieces and stack them on the pole to distract her from the fact she's being dumped in the playpen. It works every time. She's almost frantic trying to remove the rings from the stack.

Feral child
OK, she's not quite feral, but she bites. And she bites in anger. I swear I was nipped at fifty times today. She's got several issues going on that are antagonizing her. First of all, the two new teeth still haven't quite popped through. Secondly she's got what may be her first ever diaper rash. And finally she keeps pushing the limits. Our major bone of contention, that I will not waver on, is the end table by the couch. She wants at it. No way, Jose! It's my control center, too much good stuff there. She wants to pull on all power cords she finds. And she wants to touch the wood stove. These are all non-negotiable and she has a major temper tantrum when flatly denied.
Haven't done squat so far...
OK, I did shower my body, but that's about it. We did our work this weekend so we can be bums today. We've been playing with Emma, snacking and watching TV. Of course I've been on the net, reading more about Katrina, against my dad's suggestion to "let it be." You need a day like this once in awhile. It's like refueling.
Sunday, September 04, 2005
Congratulations to any teachers in California who have gotten knocked up recently!
I got to sleep late this morning. I didn't have to get up until 8:30 a.m. Mom got up with Emma but had to ran off to church. I fed Emma breakfast and put her down for her nap and got to steal another hour of rest. Woo hoo! Emma ended up sleeping from 9:40-12:30. She was a tired puppy after being up late two nights in a row.

I finally got to go to the book fair. At Wally World I took back the booster seat I was unhappy with. I had already purchased the one that Angie recommended and am very happy with it. At Costco I bought boring stuff. And I bought gas. $3.09. Blech.

We went out for an early supper and headed back over the mountains. As usual we had a fantastic time visiting Noni and Popi. They take such good care of us. Popi even sent us home with pumpkins from his garden. They're decorating our back porch now.
We're back from the valley

We went over for a family gathering. In the the photo above everyone is checking out my aunt's expansive and amazing new patio. They were watching to see what Emma was going to taste next from the mulch pile. In the background is my cousin's son. He is a month and a half older than Emma. My cousin also got started with his family later in life. Unfortunately the little fella had a temperature so he and Emma didn't get to mingle much. That was the first time we had gotten to see their baby and unfortunately M. couldn't be there, he had to work. Hrumph.