Saturday, October 15, 2005
Up, up, up the stairs
Emma is fascinated by stairs now. Up she goes, and then we carry her down. Up again, carry down, up, down, up, down. But you have to be right there, because she will try to come down herself. You know, step down. She has no clue how to come down the steps and probably won't for a long time.

But now in Noni's house she knows where the stairs are and how much fun they are. Unfortunately we spend most of our time upstairs, so it's a constant battle to keep her away from the top of the steps. And she gets maaaaaad when you block her way, screaming, raging mad. I think the problem was exascerbated by the fact that she took only one half-hour nap today, not the two naps for a combined 3-4 hours. Suffice it to say, bedtime was early.
Old Navy
Got two fleece tops, two knit tops and a pair of jeans. Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Noni! ;)
Target sucks...then redeems itself
OK, so some of you know how excited I've been that Target and Old Navy were opening up in Nonitown. I had one thing I was looking for at Target, just one thing. I wanted the Robeez knock-offs in pink. Something that Emma can walk around easily in because she'll have good feel with the thin soles. So here we are, we've found them, except the 12-18 mo. shoes are montrously huge. So guess what? The 6-12 mo. are sold out. We try on the 0-6, they fit like a glove, but will only fit probably two more days. Soooo the one thing I was looking for was sold out. I might as well have been at Walmart. I ended up buying two other pairs of shoes, some Target Osh Kosh brand. Feh.

We explored the place and picked up a little bit here and a little bit there. Emma's nose has been running big time the last few days (effects of flu shot?) so we stopped by the pharmacy and Noni asked what the pharmacist recommended. Benadryl. She looked up the proper dose and then we headed back to the baby section to find a medicine dropper. No luck. Everything was big kits, no individual droppers. So back to the pharmacy to ask because they HAD to have one in the place. When Noni asked where to find one the pharmacist gave her one. So there. Now Target doesn't totally suck. OK, they did manage to suck $108 out of my wallet.
Thursday, October 13, 2005
Birthday Fun! Woo hoo!
Thank you for the birthday wishes (Noni ;). I had to work today, so that put a cramp in my celebrations, but I had a good attitude about it. Noni & Popi called and sang Happy Birthday to me before I went to work. This morning I had a few email greetings and a couple of cards in the mail. DH brought me some flowers at work. Then he took me to dinner at the Inn. We had crap dip, salad, I had pasta primavera alfredo and toll house pie for dessert. Emma was a good girl for me at dinner too. Then we came home and did baby bath and I had to wash bottles (ugh) DH then gave me a card with a Benjamin or two. The man knows how to please his woman ;)

This weekend we're headed over to Noni & Popi's to celebrate with that side of the family. It will be a combination Emma & me party. PLUS...I finally get to go to the new Target and Old Navy. Woo hoo!
Emma's 1 Year Check-up
It was today. Everything looked good. They asked me a few questions about what she was doing in terms of talking, mobility and eating habits. I forgot to ask any questions about weaning from the bottle, but to tell you the truth, I could probably find out better information online. I go to a community medical center and our Dr. is a family Dr., not a pediatrician. I feel like Emma would get a much more thorough exam at a pediatrician, but it's the difference between an 8 mile drive and a 60 mile drive. Thankfully Emma has been a healthy little booger anyway.

She weighed 22 lbs according to the scale. But...she stood on the grown-up scale fully clothes and in shoes. Previously she'd been weighed on the baby scale naked. So I'm deducting a half a pound for clothes and shoes, we'll say 21.5 lbs. The nurse measured her length and told me she is 29 1/2". I was like "ummmm...are you sure?" She went over to the chart and noticed Emma was 30" last time. Then she remeasured and decided Emma was 30.25" OK, whatever, so Emma isn't as tall as we thought. Oh well. Looking up the charts online it shows that Emma is 80th percentile in height and 54th in weight.

Finally, she got a flu shot. Apparently there are two of them and she will go for the other shot next month. The nurse told me if they have a shortage or she can't get the next shot for any reason then don't sweat it. She will have some protection. Then the nurse gave Emma a toy to buy her love after hurting her with the needle.

The other thing I noticed today, unrelated to her exam, is that you can see the lower molar coming in now.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Baby Hee Hee
This is my nickname for her lately. It's not because she's laughing, it's because that's the sound she makes when she's frustrated and trying to get our attention. It's sounds like "Heeeeeee!" She does this in the mornings now when I'm packing her lunch and hoping she'll be distracted by Baby Einstein on the tube.
Monday, October 10, 2005
Happy Columbus Day
My very favorite pseudo-holiday. It always gives me a three day weekend near my birthday, and now Emma's birthday too. I'm off from work on Columbus Day, which means I only got three work-related phone calls at home today. I guess I should feel needed, but mostly I feel harrassed.
Meet the Horsey of Terror...
this thing horrifies my daughter. We've tried to put her on it several times, waiting an interval of weeks in between attempts. Each time she literally screams in fear. Now she's paranoid if she's in the same room with it. She locates it and keeps an eye out for it. It was a recycled gift from a lady whose grandkids are all too old for it. I wonder if they loved the thing...

Sunday, October 09, 2005
Emma's First Birthday Pics
I hadn't planned on going all out on the decorating...but the kitchen was transformed ;)

This is the first Baby Einstein cake the bakery had ever done:

Here is the spread:

Emma got her own cake with a miniature caterpillar on it. She seems to be unsure about the fire on top:

She was pretty delicate with the cake at first, then she finally dumped the cake and played with the plate:

She actually participated in opening the presents a little bit. I think it went quite well:
Emma's 1st Birthday!
Here's one quick pic until I can get the rest ready: