Thursday, April 03, 2008
Hot Fuzz Love

Every once in a while I'll see a movie that really captures my imagination. I'll want to see it over and over again. I'll scour for all the info I can find on it. Sometimes I'll find forums dedicated to it with the hope of answering unanswered questions I may have from the movie. Films that have captured me in the past were Fight Club, The Prestige, Casino Royale and Velvet Goldmine.

Recently I discovered Hot Fuzz and Simon Pegg. I hate to be late to a party, but there you have it. I've always been a bit of an anglophile, especially when it comes to their entertainment: Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous, Benny Hill, Shakespeare ;) Hot Fuzz had it all, action, humor, intrigue and gore (yeah, could have lived without the gore). And it had Brits. I have a crush on Simon Pegg now. Turns out he's quite an accomplished writer and actor, so he deserves my adoration. Now, I really want to see Run, Fatboy, Run. I've been wondering whether I should see Shaun of the Dead. The gore was my least favorite part of Hot Fuzz so I'm not sure if I want to see a zombie movie. Has anyone seen it? Should I check it out?
Light posting
Sorry 'bout that. I know you expect better from me. It's just that after the college years series I feel spent. Blogging is back to being hard again. Phooey.
I'm the mommy and you're the baby
This was the game I was playing with Emma. I started to cry and she said to stop. I kept on, exercising my method acting chops.

Finally, she said to me, "Stop crying, no one wants to listen to that."

(Hee hee, that's what we say to her when she's whining)
Southern Fried
So now Emma's "yeah" has turned into "yay-uh." Two distinct syllables, y'all!
Monday, March 31, 2008
The answers...
Kristie: I imagine you had a hard time trusting men and just people in general after this escapade. How has this played into the person you are today, does it still haunt you?

I have zero tolerance for liars. None. I do have difficult time trusting people. I also am a hard person to get to know. I keep a wall around me that most people never get through. Which is odd, because I love to be around people. It's just that one on one they scare me.

Katherine: Can I call you when my girls hit puberty???

I suspect you'll still know where to find me. Although I expect I'll be about as clueless as anyone when puberty hits.

I wonder why you feel so unlovable?

I have my theories but it's safe to say I will never be blogging about them.

a: I want to know how you met M.when can you start writing all about that?

Actually, you can read about it in this post. It's not a book like the college years series, but you'll get the gist.

Nat: I would like to know more about your journey of 7 years to become a Mom. Would you be willing to share that?

I suppose I can. I'll have to think about it first.

I have one more lesson I'd like Emma to take from my experience. That is that some people in this world are bad and you can't fix them so it's best to steer clear. They may be bad people, or they may be broken, but they can't be fixed or helped by you.

I was raised a Christian so I was steeped in the teachings of redemption and rebirth. I honestly thought that getting married to Don would create a new beginning for him and that I could help make his life better. I was tragically naive. I had no idea what I was up against with him. It might be that a normal person could have been helped by a hand up and lots of love, but not a sociopath. It's like the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog. It was not in his nature to change.