Monday, October 20, 2008
Today's mini-drama
I can stumble into these so easily and without warning...

This morning on the way to work Emma told me she wanted to think of a name for the baby. I said we could come up with some ideas. We'd need some girl names and some boy names. She didn't even want to entertain the notion of a boy.

She started throwing out names. The trend was to pick names from our family. I explained to her that it could be confusing if we had more than one person with the same name in the family. She couldn't think of anything else. I suggested that she think of names from her books she reads. I threw a couple out as examples...Dora, Ariel, Belle...

She decided she wanted to name the baby Dora. I told her we'd think about it. That wasn't good enough. She wanted me to promise her right then and there that the baby would be named Dora. I explained that it was a decision for her father and me to make and we had a long time to do it. She got all teary-eyed and started pleading for me to name the baby Dora. "Emma, what if it's a boy?" "Please can we name the baby Dora?" I told her I absolutely could not promise her that. She cried for half the trip. Right before we got to Mary's I pointed out that she could plead her case with Daddy (since I knew she'd probably forget the whole thing). That gave her some hope and got her to stop crying.

Seriously, how can you see this stuff coming and prevent it? I had no intention of reducing my child to a blubbering mess by refusing to name my child (sex to be determined) after an annoying cartoon.

Incidentally, she did forget to ask Daddy. He's been warned.