Saturday, August 11, 2007
Emma made her debut on the local kiddie social circuit today. She was invited to a birthday party for a 5 year-old boy. I know his mom through work and she invited us. Emma was a good three years younger than all of them. As the kids were arriving Emma became anxious...

Here the kids are playing hot potato and the mommy is giving Emma a fighting chance. As a matter of fact, Emma won that one. The fix may have been in. She won a SpongeBob ball.

Emma grabs a quiet moment on the huge window sill...

Which quickly became a stage of sorts.

They're playing pin the tail on the donkey. I'm on the other side of the door taking pictures. Right after I took this shot the girl behind Emma physical removed Emma from her way and took Emma's spot. Nice.

Daddy arrived a little past halfway so that we could eat supper in the adjoining restaurant.

Wonder Twin powers Activate!

Kind of heartbreaking
Emma doesn't actually realize her sunflowers are destroyed. You can see the bare stalks behind her. Out of three separate sections we planted there is exactly one plant which may still make it. Her pumpkin patch was stomped a bit but the leaves weren't eaten. I don't think cows like pumpkin leaves. Our only worry with those is that they were planted late so we're praying we get some pumpkins before the first frost.


Off season craving
Every year, usually sometime in July, I start to get a craving. I have no idea why this happens. I crave candy corn, specifically Brach's candy corn. There is no substitute. Back in the day I used to be able to satisfy my craving. I used to be able to buy candy corn year round. Walmart sold it, grocery stores sold it; it was a staple in the candy section. Then, some insidious plot began to unfold to deprive me from fulfilling my need. Walmart replaced Brach's with their own store brand. Target started using their own store brand. Grocery stores began to leave it off the shelf. I have no idea who decided Brach's could be replaced with any old crap and no one would notice. I've noticed.

I'm told that Kroger's stocks Brach's candy corn still, but I can't independently confirm that fact because I never get to go to a Kroger's. According to the evil imposter candy corn syndicate the "season" for candy corn doesn't begin until September 5. I must wait like everyone else for them to put out the Halloween crap. Balls.

Now I know why old people are so crabby. The world changes and it usually doesn't change to suit you.
Thursday, August 09, 2007
Just checking in
No pictures tonight. It's too damned hot in the computer room to deal with processing pictures. I'm hanging out in the living room with the laptop instead. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so I'll have pics again then.

Nothing much going on here. The last two evenings we've spent in the pool. It's amazing how a cool dip can fix you right up after a scorching day.

As you can see...not much going on here.
Samurai pie
The great pie.


This is her face after I wiped it off. We went straight to the swimming pool from there.

Another reason to despise cows
M and Emma's garden. Months of nurturing and care, destroyed in minutes.


Sunday, August 05, 2007
Fun time!
Party time on Friday night! Doing the twist.

I love the look on Emma's face.

Some old fashioned ring around the rosie.

Six year-old M picks up her nine year-old brother.

Did you miss me?
Emma and I went to Maryland for a long weekend. I attending my brother's graduation and watched him get his master's degree. Noni and Popi and I only got to watch on closed circuit TV, but I figure we got a better view than Aunt K., who was the only one who had a ticket to the actual event. You have to have a master's degree to have any chance of being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, so Uncle B. has that out of the way now. Aunt K. also received great news last week that she's approved for the schooling she wants. Pretty soon she'll be a student again too.

It was a low-key weekend as the heat forced us indoors. We did go to the pool on Saturday and everyone enjoyed that a lot. Emma gets really wired at the pool and spends all her time whining and ordering people around. Everyone worked on her hard to "correct" that behavior and I think it's actually having an effect.

We sat at Uncle B.'s bar last night and sampled margaritas and daiquiri's while he bar tended. I'm sure he was thinking "Damn those women and their blended frozen drinks!"

Now we're back home with daddy, who we missed horribly. The good news is he spent some of his alone time canning pork tenderloin and pot roast. Woo hoo! The cupboard is no longer bare!

Master of...what again???

Proud parents.

Proud sister.