Friday, September 21, 2007
One good way to make her mad...
"Come on, Mommy! Come outside!"

"Emma, you need to put on some shoes, you can't go outside in bare feet."

"Come on!"

"Emma, you can't go outside in bare feet!"

"I'm not a bear!"

"Emma, when you're not wearing any shoes or socks that's called bare feet."

She balls her fists and screams at me,"No it's NOT cause bears don't have shoes!"


"I'm not a bear!"

"Daddy, I have blue eyes."

"Yes, Emma, you have two blue eyes."

"Yeah, I have matching blue eyes."
Thursday, September 20, 2007
To make up...
for being academic and boring on the last post I give you and Emma baby picture :)

2 months old.
Civic literacy
A couple places around the interwebs I've seen articles about this civic test that was administered to college students around the country. I'll quote Cal Thomas in the Washington Times...

For the second year in a row, America's elite universities and colleges have failed to rise above a "D plus" on tests of basic knowledge about civics and American history, maintains a study commissioned by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). In 2005, ISI contracted with the University of Connecticut's Department of Public Policy (UConnDPP) to administer tests of basic historical and civic knowledge to 14,000 students at 50 top schools, including Yale, Harvard, Cornell, the University of Virginia, Brown and Duke. The survey found students "were no better off than when they arrived in terms of acquiring the knowledge necessary for informed engagement in a democratic republic and global economy." Since an education at top colleges can cost as much as $40,000 a year, it would appear those paying the bill are being cheated.

I find that to be quite sad. But when you see the courses that these "elite" universities are offering it doesn't surprise me. I know the humanities don't get a lot of respect, but history isn't as subjective as something like, say, English. You either know your facts or you don't.

Out of curiosity I took the same test they offered to the university students, found here. It's been a long time since I've had classes so there was great potential for embarrassment. It's a 60 question test and fairly challenging. I was pleased to score a 78, which was actually above average. I wasn't so pleased to have missed a few by simple stupidity, but what can you do? I was honest and didn't Google or anything.

If anyone takes the test let me know how you did in the comments.
Oh, Happy Day!
I did it! I did it! Anthem accepted M and Emma for individual policies and their coverage starts October 1. Woo hoo! Now instead of paying $810 out of pocket a month to cover the two of them on my work group policy we'll be paying $358. Now maybe we can hope to own a home someday. I went for a better policy and chose a higher deductible. We plan to keep an account in the bank as a reserve for medical issues that may crop up. But meanwhile we have a PPO program where we only pay a relatively small co-pay to see their primary physician.

I can't tell you how much anxiety this situation has caused me, pretty much since Emma was born. For the first time since we've been married my husband will now be medically insured. It will cost me the same to insure both of them as I was paying for Emma alone at work.

The pity part of this whole situation is that I'm excited about insurance, which I despise on principle. Ain't modern life grand?
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
When you care enough to send the very best
Noni's Birthday Party
We began with a yummy lasagna dinner and then shared some Pop's cake.

Noni's card from Emma...

She likes it!

Polish pottery, of course.

She seemed to be kind of fond of this old thing too. She's easy to please :p

Jeep Power!
Who says a battery powered Jeep needs to be charged? I mean, as long as you have willing legs and backs it will work, right?

The Big Game
On Saturday evening we attended Cousin C's football game. His team obliged us by winning the game. We tried to take some good pictures but we have to figure out how that's possible with this camera. So here are some pictures we did get...

Coming around the outside

Lined up for a kickoff

Good going guys, you won!

Good game, good game...

Popi and Uncle B. have important jobs...

His biggest fans