Class Field Trip
Emma's preschool class rode the bus over the mountains to the valley to visit a farm and corn maze. The farm bills itself as a "Classroom in the Corn." These pictures were taken by another mother who chaperoned. Looks like they had great fun.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
We have a candy problem...
Each one of those is a gallon bag. We have last year's Halloween candy, this year's parade candy, and this year's Halloween candy in one gallon bag and two smaller sandwich bags. I got to work on my problem after the picture by throwing away the bag of last year's Halloween candy. The parade candy I can probably get rid of at work. The parade assortment is always inferior to Halloween candy because there's hardly any chocolate. Still, that leaves us plenty of candy for the next year.

Playing in the pool
She jumped in and out of the pool maybe fifty times. Wore me out just watching her.

Father and Son
Taken around the pool at the beach house. Loved 'em.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Trick or Treating Downtown
On Saturday morning we took the kids trick or treating downtown where Noni works. Most of the shops participate by giving out candy. Here is one coffee shop that went all out.

This is after Jack finally woke up.

Taking a break in front of the library.

Trick or Treating at Home
In the evening we were back home to trick or treat with our neighbors. Here is the same house that did the big pirate theme last year. This year their display was scaled down a bit, but still really elaborate compared to everyone else.

Besides the baggies of tattoos, playdough, and plastic stuff they also offered cupcakes and hot cider.

Loved the graveyard. Even burying them under brick won't keep them down.

Cinderella collecting her goodies.

Monday, November 02, 2009
Say again?
Now, how big was that snake on the dune path again?

Halloween Carnival at School
The family walking into our annual Halloween Carnival. Food, games, and a costume contest that we always skip.

Daddy and Jack hanging around in the hallway while Emma does the bouncy house.

Emma standing in line with one of her preschool friends.

That's Emma's preschool teacher at the desk. She looks like she's in high school herself but by all accounts she's an excellent teacher with a good handle on a room full of 13 preschoolers.

Strawberry Shortcake party
On Monday at the beach we celebrated Emma's birthday as a family. I decorated and Noni made her supper of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and bread. We had cupcakes for dessert.

Emma is showing off the card her cousin J made for her.

She would walk every card and every present around the room and show each person.

The elusive Zhu Zhu pet, captured!

Dallas Cowboy fan, Aunt K, gave this to Emma. Love calls for many sacrifices.

Best of Halloween
Here are my best pics from Halloween. I'll share more over the next few days, but I wanted to show you the best ones now.

My little Jack o'lantern.

Princess Emma.

Noni's Redskins trunk at her church's event.

Popi's trunk with "vintage" Bobby Labonte Interstate Battery NASCAR stuff.

Noni holding her sleeping Redskins fan.

#1 on Google
I've had a fun time with this enterprise this year. The site had finally established itself as the go-to site for information on T*R*U*N*K or T*R*E*A*T. It's worked it's way up to #1 ranked on Google if you search for the aforementioned term. My favorite part is tracking the stats to see who's linking to the site and what they're saying. Our record for hits was 2595 in one day. The site was averaging over 2000 hits every day during the week leading up to Halloween. Fun stuff!
When we go to the beach Uncle B and M like to go by Village Grocery and shop for "exotic" beers to try. This is this year's selection. The first is a Monty Python themed beer. The second is Dead Guy Ale, in a half gallon jug. I think the Holy Ale was deemed harmless enough. The Dead Guy Ale was not such a big hit.

"Tempered over burning witches."


I guess the appeal is all in the packaging. It worked on us!