Thursday, December 27, 2007
Emma was a good girl this year...
So Santa was good to Emma. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

Serious Cuteness
Emma, my niece and her nephew. Emma does love the babies.

Chef Emma
Emma models the apron and hat Noni gave her. The kitchen was her big gift from Mommy and Daddy. We gave her a bunch of plastic food for her kitchen and she had to taste/bite literally every piece. M gave me warm fuzzies when he remarked, "I hope they aren't from China."

Monday, December 24, 2007
Lunch with Great-Grandmother
Before we headed home yesterday we joined the family for lunch at my grandmother's. We ate in the big dining room at her senior apartments. I think everyone enjoyed a nice lunch and the kids did a lot of exploring. Noni took them on a walk of every single floor to see the decorations on the doors. Then they found all the Christmas trees and decorations on the first level. I think the kids had a really good time. After lunch we headed home to the hills. M has to work today. He plans to work unti 2:00 p.m. After that we'll make our way back across the mountains to Noni's.

We'll celebrate Christmas Eve with them and some of Dad's family. Tomorrow morning we'll wake up at Noni's and see what Santa brought Emma and her cousins. We'll enjoy breakfast with them and then hit the road for home again late morning or early afternoon. Next stop is Grandma's, to celebrate with M's family. We'll exchange presents with them and have supper there. Finally, on Christmas night M, Emma and I will celebrate our Christmas together. The day after Christmas Noni, Popi, Uncle B. and the kids will come to our house to visit.

Thursday I'll go back to work to get some rest :)

Christmas celebration #1
This time around I didn't take very many pictures. Noni is the one who's coordinating the photo opportunities while we're just enjoying ourselves. We'll copy her pictures after Christmas morning so I'll have more to share with you then.

We met at my aunt's house Saturday night to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's family. These are the same people we always celebrate with Christmas Eve, but some of them couldn't make it then so we gathered early to accommodate their schedules. We opened presents then. Most of the same crew will gather again tonight to visit and eat, eating being one of our specialties.

Here the kids are opening one early present in the hopes it will keep them from bouncing off the walls quite so hard.

Uncle B. models one of his Christmas gifts from last year.

Very stylish.

Noni and Popi with part of their crew.

Your blog hosts.

Christmas post cards - last batch
There's a good chance that I won't be posting again till the 27th so I'm sharing the last few cards today. All three are excellent examples of the rich colors rendered by German lithographic printing. On the second card you may notice a one hundred year old Red Cross seal, similar to the Easter Seals we get in the mail every year.

Saturday morning she made herself comfortable amongst her mess.