Saturday, May 31, 2008
Now that it's actually grilling season...
We're screwed. It's not like we didn't know this sort of thing could happen. We just forget so easily. The crazy part is that we have been grilling. But apparently the bird only needed a few days to get going. This time she upped the ante, so I guess she wins. We just can't throw out the nest this time. Thankfully this process won't take the whole summer. We should be in the grilling business again before too long.

On the bright side, a bird's nest in our grill beats all the hell out of the mouse nest in the air conditioning system of my car. Yeah, that was tons of fun. I'll tell you about that one soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Camping moment #2
She can finally swing all by herself. Such a big girl.

Answer to Noni's question...
"Name the ten happiest moments of your life."

1. Birth of Emma - I waited a long time for it and never really believed it would happen. To this day I still can't believe my body actually accomplished the task.

2. Wedding Day - M and I had a fun wedding and a great time. There's nothing more fun than having all your family and friends around you to help you celebrate your marriage. It's like gravy on gravy ;)

3. Graduation from High School - Oy, to throw off the shackles and be freed from the forced and artificial social structure of high school. Oh yeah, and there's that academic accomplishment thing too.

4. Graduation from College - To finally earn that degree and feel like your life is really about to begin is quite exciting. Again with the academic achievement...

5. Starting College - To leave home and start out on my own was the beginning of my life as my own master. I spent my whole high school career playing by the book and being a good girl so that I could get into a good college. I was ready to go to college and go a little crazy.

6. When I got my Current Job - I found my dream job and it was perfect for me in so many ways it was tailor made. I wanted this job so badly that if I hadn't gotten it I would have been devastated. I'd have been a shell of a woman. The great part is I still love it eight and a half years later.

7. Getting my Driver's License - Woo hoo! Freedom! "Mom, do you need any groceries?" "Do you need any errands done?" "Milk?" "Bread?" "Anything at all..."

8. Winning a Bicycle in a Contest from a Cereal Box - This was back in early seventies when you had to actually do something to win. It wasn't random. I had to draw a picture of me eating cereal with my favorite super hero. I drew me and Wonder Woman. I'm sure a bicycle was second prize, but damnit! I won that sucker all by myself!

9. When I was Born - OK, technically I don't actually remember it. But it had to be pretty fantastic. Right?

10. Finally making it to Las Vegas - Also include my trips to Germany and Ireland, Louisiana/New Orleans, and Colorado.
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Camping Moment #1
Emma loved all the attention she was getting from the big girls. One in particular took really good care of her. When the big kids went wading in the freezing-ass mountain creek water this girl carried Emma out to the rock so she could join them. It was all fun and games until the girl slipped and sank up to her chest with Emma in her arms. Emma was very upset that her panties got wet. I had dry clothes on hand for her, but the fun ended right there.

Answer to Angie's question #3
Name five things I love about myself...

(I've thought about this one a lot and still can't come up with much. I'm tired of pondering it so I'm just going to wing it)

1. I love that I was blessed with some creativity and some artistic talent. I've always loved to draw. I used to create my own Christmas cards and color them. I started doing that in middle school. Unfortunately the computer has diverted my creative talents and I don't do much with my hands anymore.

2. I love the fact that I was blessed with some intelligence and intellectual curiosity. I can't remember where I first heard the quote "Life is difficult when you're stupid." I'm glad that I avoided that fate. Not that I'm a MENSA genius, but I've got enough smarts to get by.

3. I love that I have dogged determination when it comes to solving a problem. I like to work things straight through.

4. I love that I recognize the value of family, now, while it's still meaningful. As opposed to people who don't realize what they had until it's gone.

5. I love my sense of humor. It's pretty broad. People will find that it's easy to tickle my funny bone.

(I changed the last one, in case you got it on the RSS feed. I had #5 in mind and forgot it when I got to #3. Once I was done with the list I remembered it.)

6. I love having a mind like a steel sieve.
How conveeeeeee-nient!
I've shown pictures of Emma in her car at the store many times here. She likes for Daddy to take it outside so she can travel the sidewalk. About five or six buildings down from the store the SPCA has a thrift shop. On the porch of the thrift shop was this: