Saturday, February 17, 2007
Monkey jammies
Emma got to spend her day in some fancy pajamas she got for Christmas. We always put her in footie pajamas so she'll probably never wear these to bed. But they're too cute not to wear at all.

Emma heard cake and horned in on Daddy's plate quickly.

Another lightbulb moment
Every once in a while I'll carry on a conversation with Emma like she's an adult. Just to give her a little more respect as a human person. When I got her up from her nap this afternoon this is what I was doing.

Me: "I'm not sure where your Daddy is. I would have thought he'd have called us to come home by now. Well, it's not that I don't know where he is, he's at work, but I'd have thought he'd be home by now for lunch."

Emma: "Don't worry, Mommy."

See what happens when you don't talk down to them? They surprise you.
Happy Birthday to M, a day late
Our plan was to go out to dinner together at his mom's invitation. M and his brother share a birthday so it's usually a multipurpose celebration. We'd go back to MIL's house for some cake she baked. Then we'd head back home and give M his presents.

I picked up Emma after work and decided that instead of running home for an hour we'd hang out at the library. My child is no good at a "library voice." She gets so excited and everything she says sounds like it's being shouted across the room. Thankfully our library is a fairly active place with plenty of other noise so it wasn't totally conspicuous. But that's where the whining started. It never stopped the rest of the evening.

When we went to pick up M the first thing he said to me was "I think I have an abscess tooth and it hurts really, really, really bad; worse than I've ever felt. I'm just warning you so you won't take it personally...(the part he left unsaid was...when I pick fights with you and generally act pissed at the world and cuss at my mom and tell her to stop asking me questions). can imagine the dinner was a lovely affair. Emma was hungry and cranky and whining and acting out. M was hurting and cranky and touchy and didn't want to be bothered. We downed our dinner and went to Grandma's and ate cake while M sat huddled on the floor trying to stay warm and stop shaking from the pain. We tried and tried to call the dentist to beg for pain medication and antibiotic drugs, but the dentist is no idiot, he turns off his phone. Grandma gave M two Darvocet from her collection and we headed home.

By the time we got home M was feeling a little better and I was relieved to find that we still had two amoxycillin from M's tooth malfunction last month. After he took those he was feeling considerably better and he opened his presents, with help from the present opening elf.

Today he called the Dentist's office and they're closed to next Tuesday. Their motto should be "We're never here when you need us." M made an appointment at the medical center and for a $67 office visit he was able to get prescriptions for an antibiotic and more painkillers. Now we cross our fingers that the dentist actually decides to work on Tuesday.
The honor of your presence is requested...
When a sheriff's deputy is looking for you with papers in his hands you pray it's just a jury summons. It was.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Backpack, backpack!
Until today you couldn't pay her to put a backpack on her back. Suddenly it's OK. She chose the largest one she had, her weekend bag. It's almost as big as she is. She made Daddy wear the small one, although he could only get it over one shoulder.

My flowers
M gave them to me last night, so I could put them in water right away. Very pretty.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
The tent is back

And so are the pumpkins!

Does anyone remember this guy?

Maybe this will help:

Slim Goodbody,
Brave and true
A man of health
A hero who
leads his team at Body Control
Nutrition's his mission, good health's his goal!

To this day that song knocks around in my brain. So of course I had to look it up. I remember him from Captain Kangaroo. I remember him, and the Captain and Mr. Greenjeans and Bill Cosby, who did picture pages. Back in pre-cable days when we had only three networks and PBS to choose from, morning programming for children was a big, big deal to us. Captain Kangaroo would have been a treat for us on snow days.
This morning as I was dressing Emma she was whining because she wanted to take her little toys along with her when we went downstairs. She kept saying in her whiny voice, "Put this in your pocket? Put this in your pocket?" And then she dropped it down my cleavage.
Valentines card
Mailed in 1909. I have several more to share leading up to the big day.

Mr. and Miss Fix-it
When I got home yesterday afternoon I noticed that there was standing water in the kitchen sink and the faucet was dripping. Our drain pipe was frozen. Joy. When M came home for lunch he took the drain pipes under the sink apart and determined the problem was under the house. When he went upstairs to get his tools Emma wanted to know where he was going. I told her Daddy was going to look for his wrench. She went straight for her tool bench and grabbed her wrench. Here they're comparing wrenches...

And here she's helping Daddy.

Bon Voyage Noni and Popi!
They took off on a cruise today on a Holland America ship. They'll be tooling around the Caribbean while we're here facing down the big blizzard. Lucky dogs.

Chocolate mouth
Friday after work Emma and I went to Noni and Popi's. I needed to do some shopping for M's birthday, which is coming up this week. We enjoyed a nice dinner out with them and then came back to the house. Emma was enjoying a heart-shaped Peppermint Pattie. After she went to bed we lounged around in front of the tube. We ended up watching a movie on cable, 16 Blocks, starring Bruce Willis. It was much better than I ever would have guessed. Saturday morning Emma and I hit Target and then headed home. Noni and Popi headed north to begin their big trip.