Sunday, January 25, 2009
I finally cancelled my New York trip :(
Yeah, it was hard to let go. It's going to be an awesome time and now they'll be doing it without us. They added a couple to replace us (who are flying in from Germany for the occasion!). There's just no way I could go at 38 weeks pregnant. Even if the will was there the body would be complaining.

I booked the trip through Expedia and thank goodness I bought the travel insurance. It allows you to change or cancel your reservation one time prior to vacation time without incurring cancellation penalties. I'm getting back all my money for the hotel and all the airline ticket money as a credit with Delta. Unfortunately we'd need to use the Delta credit within one year of the original booking, which means we'd have to fly by July 23, 2009. We may end up getting hosed on that one, but we did know that the airline tickets were non-refundable. (Do they even sell refundable airline tickets?)