Wednesday, March 04, 2009
God Bless, Noni!
Noni took the day to come over and help me de-clutter my house. There was so much stuff in the junk room that I couldn't store away the things that normally go there. Those things ended up accumulating in my computer room until it looked like a wreck too. We spent the day pulling things out of the junk room. Some of these things are going to Goodwill, some will be saved for a yard sale, and some is headed for the dump. It was back breaking work and Noni did most of the hard part. The good news is we work really well together so it is actually a pleasure to spend the day like this.

On the fun side, the very first thing we did was convert the crib back from a toddler bed. We put the bedding on it and then filled it back up with Jack's collection of goodies so far. Emma and Noni also took a time-out to bake a batch of brownies. Our kitchen sink drain still isn't unfrozen so everything is a little bit of an extra challenge for now. The dirty dishes are piling up.

Here is the truck load Noni took back over the mountains with her:

Here's what we left on the front porch for M to take to the dumpster:

And for Sunita, here is Noni's official adoption of the snowman. Now everybody's happy: