Saturday, November 25, 2006
When bloggers collide

In a good way! I had the pleasure of meeting with Andrea of Blah Blah Babycakes this morning at a McDonalds in Maryland. She's visiting her in-laws and I'm visiting my brother for Thanksgiving. Her son Henry is a very beautiful boy. It was very hard to keep my hands off of him, but I didn't want to alarm him ;)

Andrea and I have had an online relationship for two years, mostly through IM. When approaching a situation like a real, live meet-up I wondered how it would translate, from cyberspace to real life. My conclusion was...pretty much seamlessly. It was nice to be able to hold a conversation and benefit from the actual expressions and nuances that you can only enjoy face to face. Andrea is very engaging and easy to talk to, I'm glad to have had this opportunity.

I brought along M, Emma, Popi, my brother and his kids. They were along to check out the cars at the dealerships flanking the McDonalds. I admire Andrea's fortitude in taking on all of us. She's a trouper, for sure.

It was a pleasure to meet Andrea and Henry, and also her lovely sister, who tagged along for the fine cuisine, I'm sure.