Monday, December 11, 2006
Anger management
I have anger issues. I know this will come a surprise to some of you. Because online I'm anything but a hothead. But it's been building for a while. I'm quick to anger and easily frustrated. It's not like I throw big fits, I just get pissy, which is a joy to be around, I'm sure.

I've been holding on to a lot of resentment due to at least two big problem situations in my marriage, one going all the way back to the months after Emma was born. I didn't really realize how the growing resentment had a grip on me till last night, when I dumped it. It wasn't a big fight or anything; more like an airing of grievances. But I have to tell you, finally telling the truth about my feelings about both situations really helped me. I literally feel lighter today (notwithstanding the expanding ass).

I will be working on taming the day to day frustrations and my reactions to them. But I have to tell you, a periodic airing of grievances really does help smooth out the long haul. Only in retrospect did I realized that we must have been infused with the spirit of Festivus.