Friday, December 01, 2006
Search engine fun!
It's time for another edition of...what were people searching when they landed on my blog?

He's a lumberjack - And he's OK. We know.
Emma, Leesburg - Actually, she stayed home with Popi for that trip.
opus ornament - Fear not, there will be more ornaments this year!
torpedo tits - Now correct me if I'm wrong...but aren't torpedo tits something that are forced upon you? Do people actually go and search for these?
trunk decorating - See the site I created, Trunk or Treat Decorating. There so much more there.
70's Deco - This is one blog where it has NOT come back.
poems on a sweet cute gal - And you found Emma? Awwww.
videorama - This actually takes you to an Emma video. Will wonders never cease?
telecheck reason 88 - These bastards must be screwing people over a lot. I get a lot of hits for this.
TJ Maxx Elves Pictures - This actually referred to the post on this page from this weekend. The wonders of Google.
miramar schwimmbad - Those people really ought to be paying me.
potato meat stone heidelberg - What you're looking for is Die Kartoffel and it's actually in Ladenburg.
charmbracelet - My charm bracelet has it's own web following.
wear bib - Till she's 18, I'm thinking.
"expanding butt" - Yes, to see an expanding butt please see Highland Gal, thanks!
baboon butt - Sorry, it's only expanding, it's not actually red.
POPI's CD cover - He must be hiding those residual checks from Noni.
Mylicon for dog gas - Are you kidding me!?! Something can be done about dog gas!?!