Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Sorry no pics tonight
I'm getting ready for a trip up to Maryland. I've been baking this evening. It got a lot more involved than I had planned.

After work tomorrow I'm headed to Maryland to stay at my brother's for a couple of nights. I'm meeting up with some friends on Friday; we're gathering at my brother's house so that makes me the de facto hostess. So there are preparations to be made, and Martha Stewart I am not.

When I leave work tomorrow Emma and I are headed to Noni's. I talked her into joining me on this adventure. She's basically holding my hand while I navigate the DC area. I hate it up there, especially in Maryland. I get turned around every time I leave my brother's house. I'm a hopeless case. And I used to be so fearless...

I'm a bit vexed, on top of it all. They're calling for snow here tomorrow. I hate, hate, hate crossing the mountains in the snow. But I absolutely must go. I dread work tomorrow. I picture myself sitting there watching the snow come down, getting more and more anxious about having to drive in it when I finally get to leave. Sigh. Serenity now.

The good news for you all is that the trip should produce some interesting pictures for you to enjoy.