Friday, January 05, 2007
How do you hug?
My family, we're distinctive huggers. We're back patters. You hug, and then pat the back of your huggee. Apparently this is not entirely typical. I think my SIL once commented on her initial alarm at being hugged and beaten at the same time.

If you're getting a bear hug, you get beaten, plus you get the squeeze and the grunt. You never get squeezed without the grunt. Even Emma grunts.

We do family hugs. You've perhaps seen pictures of them. Three is the minimum for a family hug, sometimes we have four. Emma loves to be in the center of those. The distinction of a family hug is that you get squeezed really good. And of course the collective "ughhhhhh."

Emma gets a family hug last thing every night before she's put in her crib.

Here's a family hug from October 2005: