Wednesday, January 10, 2007
A little "surgery" today
At least that's what the medical center will call it when they submit it to my insurance. I had some skin removed. I had two moles on my back removed, one on my neck and one on my front shoulder. Four little pieces of me are on their way to LabCorp for a biopsy. I don't expect to hear anything significant back from it, they just had to go through the motions to get my insurance to pay for it.

The moles on my back I've had forever. Every time a doctor would see my back they'd say "Have you ever had those looked at?" I'd always think to myself, "yeah, dumbass, you're looking at it right now." But of course that's my mean old id talking; I stifle him pretty good. I had something on my neck that concerned me this fall and went to see about it in early November. We had a consult and she froze that on the spot. She said we had to watch the rest and see if there were any changes (for insurance purposes) before we could remove them.

Now I have stitches in three places. The numbness is wearing off and I'm starting to feel it. Right now I'm feeling a vague burning sensation, kind of like having a sunburn. I took some ibuprofen so I'm hoping the ache doesn't get much worse.

I had so much fun today that I'm planning to go to the dentist first thing tomorrow!